Micro-Rotor Luxury Replica Watches

Although compact, it is widely used. Micro-rotor is enjoying an upsurge in the watch industry’s spotlight on its distinctive qualities.

Like traditional pendulums, the micro pendulums are used for automatic movement winding, but their size, shape and position are distinctly different. Conventional pendulum is a flat disc, placed in the top of the movement; mini pendulum Tuo small slightly thick disc, fully integrated into the movement. In 1957, the miniature pendulum was invented almost simultaneously by Count Buren and Piaget, and was popularized by Universal Genève. It represents the relentless pursuit of technical performance in the watchmaking industry and, of course, in order to make the movement and the watch slim and elegant. Today, these two goals still exist, but more intense and clear. Of the first three companies, only Piaget Piaget continued to use the miniature pendulum, which proved to be the decisive factor in the second ultra-thin tabulation competition in 2000. Mention should also be made of the fourth participant who plays an important role in this field: cheap Patek Philippe replica. In 1977, the quartz crisis, Patek Philippe Fake Caliber 240 developed a slim automatic winding movement. To that end, Patek Philippe recruited creators of the Universal Genève movement, which provided a vivid and important experience for the construction of a unique ultra-thin movement of a micro-pendulum.

Patek Philippe Caliber 240 slim automatic winding movement
The pursuit of perfection and diversity in the 2000s is an integral part of the great rejuvenation of mechanical watches. To stand out, many brands choose to use micro-Tuo Tuo, although this Tuopu inherent defects. Compared to the conventional large size swing Tuo, micro-swing Tuo inertia, winding low efficiency. For example, the same is to simulate everyday wearing environment, Montblanc’s new micro-pendulum movement on the Cyclotest machine full string required 11 hours, while the conventional balance wheel movement only 8 hours. To remedy this situation, the micro-pendulum is usually made of high-density materials, more affordable tungsten, luxury 22K gold or platinum, so as to achieve the standard even more winding efficiency. Some of Roger Dubuis’s movements, the Hermes, the Vaucher Caliber 5401 with Richard Mard and Parmigiani in the Richard Mille, and the Caliber 1.98 in Chopard. Among them, Caliber 1.98 movement can provide up to 65 hours power reserve.

In 2002, GP Girard Perregaux table developed three variants of the Golden Bridge Tourbillon movement, the micro-placed Tuo under the barrel, unwittingly winding up. Based on the Peseux 7001 movement, MCT creates an autonomous movement that is still in use today. Then Laurent Ferrier. This elegant technology and unique program of miniature pendulums is still prevalent, with at least three brands choosing to do so in 2017: Romain Gauthier, Peter Speake-Marin and Bell & Ross (via MHC, a movement supplier). Large brands are still exploring the optimization techniques, ergonomics and optimal slenderness of the miniature pendulums, and the technical choices of Panerai and Carl F. Bucherer represent the current trends. The heavier the material, the larger the size, the higher the efficiency of the miniature pendulum is. With the development of the times, the sizes of the watch and the movement are getting bigger and bigger. The Diameter of Patek Philippe Caliber 240 is 27.5mm and the diameter of BVLGARI BVL138 is 36.6mm. From the simplest to the most sophisticated (such as Grande Complication de Cartier watches), this concept has become more and more flexible, more and more applicable.

In general, the miniature pendulum is a movement to save the thickness of the movement, making ultra-thin movement; release of extra space, showing a good program of exquisite hollow. However, the micro-pendulum movement is not cheap, only a few brands currently offer the price of less than 10,000 Swiss francs micro-Tuo watch, you can still say exclusive high-end replica patek philippe aliexpress and connoisseurs.