A Look At Replica Patek Philippe’s Super “London Limited Editions” for 2015

A Look At Replica Patek Philippe’s Super “London Limited Editions” for 2015

Patek Ladies 7200R-0110 time only and 7000R-011 minute repeater for London 2015 - Perpetuelle

The Patek Philippe replica watch Art Grand Exhibition in London recently brought to a close the Patek Philippe replica 175th anniversary celebrations which started on May 1st 2014. As part of the celebration, Patek Philippe replica watch unveiled a collection of limited edition timepieces specifically for the Bond Street boutique which is, by the way, one of only three boutiques exclusively owned and operated by Patek Philippe replica (Geneva, London & Paris). The London event incorporated the commemorative timepieces which were presented to the world last year in October (headlined by the $2.5 million Grandmaster Chime that we photographed at the NYC celebration and other superlative pieces like the Patek 5975 multiscale chronograph that we reviewed hands-on a few months ago), as well as an impressive range of “London limited editions” spanning the complication spectrum. Most of these pieces are variants of existing models, distinguished only by an engraved “London 2015” logo on the caseback; others, such as the enamel dials with London theme, are obviously special and very spectacular productions.

Patek Philippe Ref 5213G_012 Perpetual Calendar Minute Repeater London 2015 - Perpetuelle

Patek Philippe replica all three pieces have an “officer” style caseback, meaning that the caseback has a hinged metal outer back that can be opened to reveal a view of the movement behind a sapphire glass inner. Here’s the caseback of the grand comp:

Patek Philippe Ref 5159G_012 London 2015 caseback - Perpetuelle

Last are a pair Patek Philippe replica of enamel dial pieces with a London motif. The first, bearing Ref 5089G-040, is an absolutely stunning example of the grisaille enamel technique (a technique which I elaborated on in my “Enamel Explained…” special, an in-depth exploration of various enamel techniques used in high watchmaking). It is perhaps my favorite of the bunch presented here, if only for its uniqueness:

Patek Philippe Grisaille Enamel Ref 5089G London 2015 - Perpetuelle

Not pictured is the second enamel dial, Patek Philippe replica Ref 5089G-041, which depicts the London Houses of Parliament at Westminster and is done using the more common “cloisonné”enamel technique (again, refer to my “Enamel Explained” primer for more detail). A unique piece “Tudor rose” pocket Patek Philippe replica watch was also unveiled, along with two one-of-a-kind dome clocks, but those are also not pictured here due to my lack of interest.