Patek Philippe Replica 5196,5296,5396 96 in the end is what?

One thing that Rolex and Patek Philippe share in common is that many watches have no “name,” saying the watch only speaks numbers. This is more prominent on the Patek Philippe, if someone told you that “Patek Philippe Classic Series” “Patek Philippe Complications” what table, then this person must be “layman.”
Rolex number more easy to remember, because Rolex’s number is regular, the numbers in the numbers have a corresponding fixed meaning, a look at the figures will know that this table is used in the case of gold or steel, is a large size or small size, is the dog Ring or aperture, is the old model or new model. Take advantage of the numbers and learn from all sources. On the contrary, Patek Philippe’s numbering rules are few, the number does not correspond to the fixed meaning, only in the new, the old section number inheritance, mostly to “rote.” However, “somewhere,” some models also exist “mysterious” link, 5196,5296,5396,5496 … have 96. Patek Philippe number 96 in the end is what?
96 is a watch.
Many brothers know that 96 is a Patek Philippe swiss replica watches early watch. And today I want to give you some more interesting things, for example, if you do not have 96, there will be no PP today.

Patek Philippe earliest 96 design drawings, from this design, we can see the Patek Philippe look now.
Patek Philippe today is the “king of the table,” but the king of the table “Jiangshan” is also spelled out, the table has also been “hard day.” In the early 2000s, Patek fell into operational difficulties. Although Patek Philippe holds a number of invention patents and is recognized by collectors, it is of no use. In 1932, Patek Philippe was acquired by the Stern family (now the operating and owner of the PP). The Stern family used to dial the Patek Philippe, and now the PP is collected. After the acquisition of Patek Philippe, they thought, now it will not work, let’s come up with a “burst” so that Patek Philippe “fire” ah. The “explosion” used to “save” Patek Philippe is 96 below.

Calatrava styling cufflinks.

We all know that the symbol of Patek Philippe (trademark) is the calatrava cross, the word calatrava is pronounced domestically, and the folk call it “kalazhuhua.” Patek Philippe has used this calatrava cross as a trademark since 1887. The origins of the calatrava cross are the 1155 calatrava knights who defend the Moorish attacks in the Spanish calatrava fortress. The cross of calatrava is a symbol of the time. Now Patek Philippe to launch a new table, “burst models,” the name must be cried, so Patek Philippe decided to use their own brand name, named the new table, called the calatrava series. The Patek Philippe calatrava watch we see today is just that. Patek Philippe may feel that light has a “name” is not enough, you still need a number, convenient person to remember, it uses the 96 number. 96 is Patek Philippe’s first numbered watch. It is also from 96 onwards, Patek Philippe since then there will be a variety of “endless” number, so now we have to hard back, back up, can not talk to others PP … …

Standard Patek Philippe 96
There is a word now, in the watch is very “fire”, called the Bauhaus. Now that a Bauhaus, more than watch the watch brother surely the first reaction of the table, that is NOMOS. NOMOS tables are very simple, thin pointer, thin time scale, thin bezel, simple. A lot of people like it, and then many watches have started to imitate this “Bauhaus”, imitating NOMOS, launched a very similar table. So many watch friends think NOMOS invented this “Bauhaus” luxury replica watches for sale. In fact, we all think wrong.
Patek Philippe 96 and its 12-400 manual winding movement.

Patek Philippe engage in “Bauhaus”, NOMOS not “born” yet. Patek Philippe Bauhaus designed earlier than NOMOS about 60 years. “Bauhaus” plainly, is the functional first, do not what “bearded” decoration (interfere with the normal function), practical-based. At that time Patek Philippe Design 96, precisely the “Bauhaus” style popular, Patek Philippe is the design theory of “Bauhaus” 96.

Three-pin version 96, the article below 5296 is derived from the third year 96.

The size of the 96 is only 31 mm, 9 mm thick, at the time it was the right size. 96 has a flat bezel, lugs and case blend, very beautiful. To be honest, 96 this watch than many, many of the then antique watch are beautiful, completely modern aesthetic. 96 how to “Bauhaus” it? 96 disk only three needles, only show time, there is no extra things. 96 ratio of the perfect surface of the disk (than the current table to be perfect), small seconds just disk at 6 o’clock, unlike the current table, because the case bigger, so the pointer is squeezed in the middle of the dial. With Toffee needle and cannonball words, 96 is really beautiful.
12-400 manual winding movement used by Patek Philippe 96.

96 year was 12 manual movement, the movement from the product family. Later, Patek Philippe developed its own production of 12-120 movement, began to use its own movement. However, because it takes a process to replace the movement, for a period of time, still continue to use the movement for a period of time. 96 has been produced from 1932 to 1973, production time more than 40 years.

Then what is the relationship between 96 and Patek Philippe now on sale?

Patek Philippe 5196
Now sold in Patek Philippe replica watches review, the most direct inheritance of 96 models, is 5196.5196 completely maintain the Patek Philippe 96 features the first generation. Toffee pin, shell word, small three-pin, no calendar, manual winding. Just the size increased to 37 mm, the movement replaced Patek Philippe 215 manual winding movement. As the 5196 increased in size, we saw that the 5196’s small seconds moved to the 6 o’clock position (so I said, the 96 is actually the perfect one). I know, there are some brothers that 5196 Patek Philippe entry table, or manual, meaningless. But brothers, it is precisely this 5196, in fact, Patek Philippe’s most pure, most classic watch.
Patek Philippe 5296,5296 There are two different dishes.

In the sale of Patek Philippe, the second and 96 have a direct inheritance relationship is 5296. A brother said, 5296 and 96 completely unlike ah, 5296 is the third year, 96 is a small three-pin, the two tables is not a type ah. Yes, a three-pin a small three-pin, indeed different. But 96 has a special version in history, the third-year edition 96. The third needle 96 is still 12-120 manual movement, but the “three-pin” into a “third year needle” (in a professional term, that is indirectly three needle, because it is small three-pin movement to increase The wheel system, into a junior needle). Patek Philippe now hot 5296, is derived from here. Now 5296 Patek Philippe uses the main 324 automatic winding movement, the swiss movement replica watches size increased to 38, an increase of the calendar, because the 5296 is an automatic table, through the end, very beautiful and very convenient, so very fire.

Patek Philippe 5396, 5396 there are two kinds of disk.
The third one I want to say is 5396. We all know that 5396 is Patek Philippe’s calendar is a complex table, watching and simple 96 simply can not get on. However, there is a very interesting phenomenon, Patek Philippe calendar calendar, 5396 and 5146 are calendar, but no matter in the primary market or secondary market, 5396 expensive than 5146 (5396 is the window type, 5146 is the pointer so there is difference). As you can see, the 5396 has the Patek Philippe 96 (calatrava series) in addition to the calendar window and moon phase dial on the dial. On the other hand, 5146 is obviously not 96 style. So, 5396 inherited Patek Philippe 96 is the charm of calatrava, is a very pure Patek Philippe.
Patek Philippe Ye Hao, Rolex worth mentioning, or any other watch, the continuation and evolution of the generation after generation, is always fascinating.