Swiss Best Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Replica Watch

The 18k rose gold case of Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Replica measures 40.5mm and has a thickness of 10mm. A contemporary size for sure, but slim enough for a dress watch and remarkably thin if we take into account the complexity of the watch. Alternating polished surfaces and beautifully brushed flanks speak of the Patek Philippe Replica Watch pedigree and the choice of rose gold ups the warmth factor no end. However, the real showstopper here is the extremely graphic two-tone dial. An unusual dial layout for a brand like Copy Patek, once you get used to the location of the functions, the information is extremely easy to read. The black railway minutes track with white numerals on the periphery underlines its status as a regulator Luxury Copy Patek Philippe Watch and a thin long white hand extends from the centre to land on the dark area of the track and signal the minute with impeccable accuracy. The hours are relayed in a sub-dial at 12 o’clock while the small seconds appear at 6 o’clock.