Four top luxury fake watches recommended

Today all of the high-end watches can be said to be contracted by Switzerland and Germany, although other countries have a lot of good watch, but always feel there is a distance from the top, this distance is not only technical, as well as the background culture And many other elements, to domestic watch, for example, although there are a lot of people to buy domestic watch, and domestic watch there are many high-end products, but not a top brand, this gap I believe it takes a long time s hard work. Today, watch home for everyone to bring four difficult to go beyond the top brands in the aristocratic fake watch, I hope you like.


Patek Philippe Calatrava replica series 5227G-001 watch

Watch series: Calatrava
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K white gold
Strap material: crocodile skin
Case diameter: 39 mm
Watch Comments: classic 5227G watch, released in 2013, which watch the surface looks bland, but gives a comfortable body and mind, every design is good to the extreme, the watch to bring us More is the eternal pursuit of quality and a long tradition of tradition, is Patek Philippe for their own a transcendence. Which watch offer for 2,597 million yuan, all watches in the replica Patek Philippe, which should only be regarded as entry-level watch, but I think one of the most aristocratic temperament, but also feel that the most content of a watch.


Breguet Classic Series 5177BA / 29 / 9V6 watch

Watch Series: Classic Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K gold
Strap material: crocodile skin
Case diameter: 38 mm
Wrist Watch Comments: classic design often do not need how complex functions and techniques, this Breguet watch with a classic three-pin design, silver dial with Breguet-style blue steel pointer showing a simple beauty, Dark brown crocodile leather watch to bring this fake watches positioning a relatively young and stylish products, will be suitable for some young and talented young people to wear, showing its handsome side.


Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Series 85180 / 000G-9230 watch

Watch series: Patrimony
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K white gold
Strap material: crocodile skin
Case diameter: 40 mm
Watch Comments: This Vacheron Constantin watch with a simple line of 40 mm case design, with pink gold or platinum style selection, together with the silver milky white dial. Dial inlaid with gold rectangular hour-hour scale and dot-minute scale circle. The watch is equipped with the brand Cal.2450SC model self-winding movement, inherited from 1755 since the founding of generations from the rich tabulation experience.


Jacques Delo Star Series J010133209 watch

Watch series: stars
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case Material: 18K rose gold
Strap material: crocodile skin
Case diameter: 43 mm
Watch comment: Jacques Delo is the first manufacturer of watches into the Forbidden City, the watch replica concept is developed as a genius-like mechanical design, from pure naturalism to the magic of abstract patterns, from the ancient sculpture, micro-painted Craft to the new performance of modern art, from the European palace to the contemporary metropolis, these unique watches continue to tell the legend of Jacques de los. This is a streamlined world when the watch, simple fashion, is a rare share.

Summary: watch the level of good or bad is not a single price to measure, a tabulation process, the degree of technical difficulty, a brand of culture in Beijing, there are historical background, today we recommend this several luxury watches, which can be said to be one of them Of the leader, a simple low-key luxury, not significant impetuous, even more out of taste.


Patek Philippe fake 40 Years of the Nautilus

In 1976, Patek Philippe released the very first sports watch in the Swiss brand’s 137-year history, the cheap Patek Philippe fake Nautilus. This year, that now-iconic timepiece marks its 40th year in production, and Patek is commemorating it in style, with two new limited-edition Nautilus models — one a platinum-cased tribute to the 1970s original, the other a flyback chronograph patterned after the model’s most recent redesign in 2006.


Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 40th Anniversary – soldier

The original Nautilus, commissioned by Patek’s father-son ownership and management team of Henri and Philippe Stern and designed by watch world legend Gérald Genta, was 42 mm in diameter — huge by the standards of the day — and had an unusually shaped, exceptionally water-resistant (to 120 meters) steel case with two unusual, ear-like projections on either side. But the most notable feature of Reference 3700, as the first Nautilus was designated, was its price: $2,350. At the time, steel luxury watches were still a rarity. For Patek Philippe, up to then known exclusively for its precious-metal dress watches, a chunky, steel sports fake watches with an eye-popping price tag was news indeed. The watch was not an immediate hit, but later became one, earning the nickname “Jumbo” among collectors and spawning a slew of other versions over the subsequent decades.


Patek Philippe Nautilus ad

The Patek Philippe Nautilus Anniversary Limited Edition (Ref. 5711/1P), limited to 700 pieces, is a modern version of the “Jumbo” with a few notable differences. The case is 44 mm in diameter (2 mm larger than that of Ref. 3700/1A) and made of 950 platinum rather than steel. Platinum is very challenging to machine, with a tough, ductile consistency that abrades drill bits, milling heads, files, and polishing tools much more severely than gold or steel. Both the three-part case and the link bracelet are machined from this material, and both boast a host of high-end finishes, including chamfering, satin-finishing, sandblasting, and mirror polishing. As is tradition with Patek Philippe’s platinum fake watches, the Nautilus Ref. 5711/1P is fitted with a flawless rare white Top Wesselton diamond (approx. 0.02 ct.) in the bezel above the lugs at 6 o’clock.


Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 40th Anniversary – dial CU

Another notable difference from the original Nautilus can be noted on the dial, which in the anniversary version is made of 18K gold and features a dark blue color with a bright-to-dark sunburst gradation from the inside to the outside. The 12 applied baton hour markers are in 18K white gold with flawless Top Wesselton baguette diamonds (total weight: approx. 0.34 ct.). The bottom half of the dial — which of course is graced with the Nautilus’s traditional horizontal embossed motif — bears a discreet two-line anniversary citation: “40” and “1976–2016.” The date aperture at 3 o’clock, which is also slightly larger in proportion to the case, is set in a polished 18K white-gold frame.
Visible through the sapphire caseback is the self-winding movement, Patek Philippe’s manufacture Caliber 324 S C, with a heavy central rotor in 21K gold, a Gyromax balance with Spiromax balance spring (both are Patek Philippe inventions) and a host of haute horlogerie finishes on the components that are executed almost entirely by hand: including Geneva striping for the bridges, chamfering and polishing for the edges, polishing for the sinks, circular graining for the gold rotor, perlage for the plate, and gold-filled engravings. As for accuracy, Caliber 324 S C has been tested to achieve a daily rate deviation of only -3 to +2 seconds, exceeding the benchmark for a certified chronometer.


Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 40th Anniversary – box

Each of the 700 individually numbered cheap fake watches comes in a special anniversary box with a Certificate of Origin and an anniversary document. Made of brown natural cork, the box is an authentic replica of the 1976 original, which was designed to evoke the ocean liners whose portholes inspired the Nautilus case design.
The second anniversary piece is even more “Jumbo.” Ref. 5976, a self-winding flyback chronograph, has an 18K white gold case that measures 49.25 mm wide — 3.6 mm wider than its predecessor, Ref. 5980, the flagship model of the redesigned Nautilus collection from 2006. The model retains the original’s bilateral case bulges, with both chronograph pushers integrated into the sides for easy operation. Top-notch hand finishing abounds, including a vertical satin finish and shiny chamfers on the bezel and alternating matte and mirror polishing on the bracelet links. Moreover, the crisp legibility of the chronograph functions was further optimized.


Patek Philippe Nautilus Chronograph 5976 40th Anniversary – soldier

The dial, here also in dark blue, benefits from the watch’s enhanced size: there is room for an enlarged date aperture, which is set in a mirror-polished white-gold frame, and the similarly enlarged chronograph monocounter subdial at 6 o’clock makes for better legibility of the chronograph readouts. Its three concentric scales include a 12-hour counter on the outside, a minute counter from 1 to 30 in the middle, and another minute counter from 31 to 60 on the inside. Flawless Top Wesselton baguette and princess-cut diamonds are used for the applied hour markers. The horizontal Nautilus-style embossed pattern decorates the dial and the anniversary citation “1976 – 40 – 2016” has been placed on its upper half.


Patek Philippe Nautilus replica Chronograph 5976 40th Anniversary – bracelet


Patek Philippe fake Nautilus Chronograph 5976 40th Anniversary – dial CU

Patek Philippe’s proprietary, in-house chronograph movement, Caliber CH 28-520 C, is wound automatically by a heavy 21K gold central rotor, and the start/stop and flyback/reset chronograph functions are controlled by a classic column-wheel mechanism with a vertical disk clutch. Because it is virtually friction-free, the chronograph hand can be used as a continuously running seconds hand without causing mechanical wear. The movement, which is visible through a sapphire caseback, is equipped with an instantaneous date change with a switching cycle of 1/10 second. Its Gyromax balance, with patented Spiromax balance spring made of high-tech Silinvar, is totally antimagnetic and corrosion-resistant, and helps deliver an impressive rate tolerance of -3 to +2 seconds per day. The gold rotor and bridges are enhanced with Geneva circular graining, chamfered and polished edges, polished bores, and gold-filled engravings accentuated with blued screws.
The Nautilus Chronograph Ref. 5976/1G 40th Anniversary is a limited edition of 1,300 numbered replica watches; like the Ref. 5711/1P, it comes in a special replica box with a Certificate of Origin and an anniversary document.


Patek Philippe Nautilus Ref. 5711 / 1P fake watches

Nautilus Ref. 5711 / 1P 40th anniversary commemorative watch limited edition 700. This timepiece masterpieces with platinum case, inherited from the 1976 launch of the stainless steel watches created by the elegant tradition of leisure. Its appearance resembles the original Patek Philippe Nautilus fake Ref. 3700 / 1A, and reflects the evolution of the series over the past four decades. 44 mm case width (including the crown part) to make the new Ref. 5711 definitely considered a large watch. Even Ref. 3700 / 1A, 40 years ago, was two millimeters smaller than the Ref. 5711, and earned the nickname “Jumbo” at the time. This may be because people think this movement watch at the time of the watch industry like the civil aviation sector of the Boeing 747 Jumbo aircraft. The airman, born in 1969, along with human desire for air travel, has been the largest jetliner in the world for nearly forty years. In addition, although the 2 mm difference looks very subtle, but in the wrist can be formed completely different effects. Patek Philippe’s timekeeping R & D department realized that in the past four decades, people watch the size of the views have been greatly changed. The new size is ideal for the Nautilus Ref. 5711 / 1P commemorative watch.


Pure platinum, highlight the temperament

The 40th anniversary of the watch case with solid PT950 platinum material. Platinum has a cold, unique silver luster, not only is the most precious precious metals, but also has unusual processing difficulty. Platinum extraordinary hardness and excellent ductility, compared to gold or steel material, will exacerbate the drill, milling head, rasp and polishing tool wear, so in creating three-piece platinum case and bracelet need to invest extra effort and pay For finishing in a variety of forms including chamfering, satin, sandblasting and mirror finish. The final finished case is a structured, reflecting the work of different metallic luster, so that other timepieces can only hold a candle. Like all Patek Philippe platinum fake watches, the new Nautilus Ref. 5711 / 1P has a perfect Wesselton diamond (approx. 0.02 carat) embedded in the bezel’s 6 o’clock position (between the lugs).
The 5711 / 1P dial is also specially designed for this anniversary. Material selection 18K gold, the color is different from the original Nautilus, dark blue-based colors, showing the depth of the gradient from the inside out, the perfect foil against the cold cool luster, while the sharp contrast with the time scale: 12 The 18-carat white gold rod accentuates the perfect Weselton diamonds (0.34 carat total weight) with perfect flawless stripes. Deep blue dial still presents Nautilus series of symbolic horizontal stripes relief pattern, the bottom half of the dial there are two lines of low-key anniversary text “40” and “1976-2016”. At 3 o’clock position of the date display window, the same increase in the proportion of the same, and with a polished 18K white gold border. In contrast to these background elements, with a fluorescent coating of platinum-like hour and llminute hands rod, with a counterweight with a second hand to accurately display the time. The new Ref. 5711 / 1P has a daily travel error of no more than -3 to +2 seconds, far exceeding the official accuracy standards of the Chronometer watch.

Legendary movement

Highly accurate timing thanks to Patek Philippe Caliber 324 S C independent research and development movement, which watchmaking enthusiasts and collectors in the eyes of a very important position. Unlike other self-winding movements, this movement combines tradition and innovation, combined with precision, reliability and extraordinary craftsmanship. The full weight of the central automatic plate with 21K gold material, can provide the required power for the replica watches uk, bringing reliable and fast automatic winding effect. Gyromax® balance wheel and Spiromax® hairspring, as the two major inventions of Patek Philippe, ensure that the movement has excellent travel time accuracy. The finishing of all the movement elements is done manually, including the Geneva stripes of the splint, the chamfering and polishing of the edges, the polishing of the notches, the circular grain pattern of the gold automatic plate, the rotation of the motherboard Circular pattern, and engraved lines of embedded gold processing. These exquisite details, through the sapphire crystal cover, showing the tradition of Patek Philippe inherited the Geneva watchmaking. This is the Nautilus series of leisure elegant temperament perfect embodiment!

Nautilus Ref. 5711 / 1P 40th Anniversary watch, with PT950 platinum material to build, limited edition 700. Each Ref. 5711 / 1P has a unique serial number and an anniversary box containing the Certificate of Origin and the anniversary document. The table box is made of brown natural cork, the true reproduction of the original Nautilus watch in 1976 with the table box’s unique style. As in the original Nautilus watch forty years ago, this memorial watch box also shows its close connection with the transoceanic cruise ship, while the elegant and elegant Nautilus watch porthole case design from this . The 40th Anniversary Cork Watchcase features a polished stainless steel base frame and hinged lid. Positive metal plate also reproduced in 1976 the original table box design, letter italic “Nautilus” words and “PATEK PHILIPPE GENEVA” logo.


Rolex fake watches National Day Recommended

To the annual autumn in October, National Day. In the holiday holiday, whether it is to go out to play, or friends and relatives together, should have a high-quality watch to accompany you to grasp the holiday bits and pieces. To this end, we recommend to the new Rolex fake 2016 watch. Record every moment to explore the wind, every point of reunion laughter. Retain a moment of happiness, bit by bit into the eternal aftertaste.


Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht Mingshi (Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master) replica watches

Watch Model: 116621-78801
Watches Series: Yacht Mingshi
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Case Material: Stainless steel / 18k rose gold; rose gold outer circle 60 minute progressive scale two-way rotating outer ring with convex figures
Strap material: stainless steel / 18k rose gold; Oyster, three-row chain
Case diameter: 40 mm
This classic sailing table for the first time to eternal rose gold steel (904L steel and 18 ct eternal rose gold combination) to wear a chocolate-colored dial appearance. Inherited the classic style fake watches, the new elements into the color dial, avant-garde design of new, very beautiful. Watch waterproof, accurate and reliable. Because of its 18 ct eternal rose gold two-way rotation 60 minutes scale outer ring, and easy to identify. 3 o’clock position with a small window convex lens, easy to read the calendar. Matte outer ring to three-dimensional polishing of the figures and scale is very prominent, and to facilitate the wearer computing time (such as calculating the sailboat after the distance between the two buoys, etc.), this feature full and distinctive outer shape of the yacht Mingshi type of unique image.


Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer (Oyster Perpetual Explorer) watch

Watch Model: 214270-77200
Watch series: explorer
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel, Oyster, three-row chain
Case diameter: 39 mm
Explorer-type watch symbolizes Rolex and explore the world’s indissoluble bound. (Oyster Perpetual Explorer) watch, the unique 3,6 and 9 figures are coated with luminous material, and the hour markers and the same distribution of persistent blue light pointer. This unique Chromalight luminous display ensures clear reading regardless of environmental conditions. Pointer more lengthened, so that explicit time more clearly. Water depth of 100 meters (330 feet), making the replica watches uk sturdy and durable. The unique shape of the middle of the case in particular with solid 904L steel casting, difficult to corrosion. With 904L steel solid chain Oyster strap, strap with Oyster-style insurance deduction to prevent accidental open clasp. The buckle is also equipped with an easy-to-adjust link, which is designed to be easily extended by the wearer by about 5 mm. In any case, the strap is comfortable to wear.


Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust (Oyster Perpetual Datejust) watch

Watch series: 126333-62613
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Case material: stainless steel / 18k gold; triangle pit outer ring
Strap material: stainless steel / 18k gold; commemorative, five-row chain
Case diameter: 41 mm
Log is a classic example of a classic watch, whether functional or aesthetic style, are long-lasting new. Like this watch, the case 41 mm, with a leading technology watchmaking Rolex 3235-type movement. 3 o’clock position to set the calendar window, easy to read the calendar. Gold and steel combination as one of the characteristics of Rolex fake watches. Will be the noble and reliable combination of steel together, reflecting the elegance of the watch temperament and excellent performance. Watch with a commemorative strap. Cast in 904L steel and 18 ct gold. Under the outer ring of the new hidden connection, to ensure that between the strap and the case to achieve seamless visual effects. The whole watch to give us luxury, the atmosphere of nature, gives a reliable sense of security.

Today, the three Rolex replica watches have been Rolex in 2015 laid the top of the Observatory certification to ensure that the cheap replica watch worn on the wrist to play the top performance, protection of the accuracy of travel time and watch the durability. Three table waterproof performance, will be able to accompany you through the National Day holiday joy.


Ten facts about Patek Philippe replica Minute Repeaters

The name “Patek Philippe” is synonymous with minute repeaters. And while the company does not provide yearly production numbers, it is safe to say the number is very low. The demand for Patek Philippe replica minute repeaters far exceeds the supply. And so naturally, they are highly coveted amongst the world’s elite collectors, resulting in high prices at auction, in the rare instance that someone actually decides to sell one.


1- In Sept 1839, cheap Patek Philippe replica made their first quarter repeater, which sold for 450 CHF.

2- The world’s first self-winding minute repeater wristwatch (Ref. 3979) was produced by Patek Philippe in 1989.

3- Patek Philippe replica watches minute repeaters are produced in both the Vallée de Joux and Geneva factories.

4- Patek Philippe gongs are entirely hand made. There are 21 classes which are necessary to better distinguish between high and low pitches. And each gong maker must complete 100 trial gongs before being able to work on a production timepiece.

5- If the gong, hammer, or case do not sound right during early testing, each non-conforming component is rejected and eventually melted down for re-use.

6- The ideal sound level for a Patek Philippe minute repeater is 40 to 50 decibels.

7- Patek Philippe has three Anechoic state-of-the-art sound rooms for testing their minute repeaters. One at the Geneve Salon, one at their Vallée de Joux manufacturing facility, and one at the manufacture in Geneva.

8- The least expensive Patek Philippe minute repeater is $360,000.

9- Due to speculation on Patek Philippe’s minute repeaters, which are produced in very low quantities each year, the company put in place a 2-step application process designed to ensure that the person buying the minute repeater understands the brand heritage and is not prone to resell the ultra-rare 6-figure timepiece for profit.

10- Thierry Stern, the company’s global CEO, personally listens to – and approves or rejects – each and every Patek Philippe replica watches minute repeater before it leaves the factory.

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Patek Philippe replica aquanaut travel time 5164r

1997, 21 years after the introduction of the Patek Philippe Nautilus replica stainless steel sports watch, Patek Philippe introduced a new watch aimed at a younger clientele: the Aquanaut. Now, in 2016, almost 20 years later, they introduce a new variation on the Patek Philippe Aquanaut Travel Time, a watch that was introduced in 2011: It is the reference 5164R, where the R stands for rose gold.


I’ve always been a fan of the Patek Philippe Nautilus 3700/1A and 5711/1A and prefer them as clean as possible (no complications), as it was meant to be in my opinion. That is a bit different with the Aquanaut. Perhaps I am a bit too much of a purist when it comes to watches, but the Aquanaut always was the next best Patek sports watch for me. Even though at some point my colleague Gerard Nijenbrinks had one (I recall being it the 40mm ref.5167A) and I kind liked it on a leather strap (instead of the rubber), I still preferred the classic Nautilus 5711/1A or a Royal Oak 15202ST. Two Genta giants (I compared them here in-depth).


Patek Philippe replica cheap swiss watches

However, the Patek Philippe Aquanaut Travel Time that was introduced in 2011 made a huge impression on me and I remember that was the talk of the town during the BaselWorld exhibition. The first Aquanaut with a complication, and perhaps the most useful one for people who travel often through different time zones. The watch did not come cheap, at $32.000.- USD back then, but at least you would travel in style. On the other hand, looking up this exact reference today in the (pre-owned) watch market, you didn’t loose money over it.
This year, Patek Philippe had quite a bit of novelties and stunning pieces, including a rose gold version of the Patek Philippe Aquanaut Travel Time, reference 5164R-001.

The dimensions and movement are equal to the stainless steel version (Patek Philippe replica Aquanaut Travel Time reference 5164A-001), but the rose gold combines with the brown dial and rubber strap make it a very handsome, almost dressy, sports watch.


Although the watch measures 40.8mm in diameter, it wears very modest on the wrist. It is by no means a small cheap replica watches, but definitely not bulky either. The time zone complication is very easy to use, just use the two pushers on the left side of the case to increase or decrease the hour hand by one hour at a time. The awesome thing is, that the pushers on the left side looks a bit like the crown guard on the right side. It looks very well-balanced, perhaps even nicer (for me) than the regular Aquanaut models.
As you can see on the images, the watch has an aperture indicating day/night in local time and in home time. It helps you to see whether you can contact someone at a decent hour of the day. I can imagine (and recall it myself as well when I used to travel a lot) that at some point, you don’t keep track.


The lower part of the watch shows an elegant way of indicating the date. The hands and Arabic numerals are in rose gold as well, to match the case. The Arabic numerals are filled with luminous material for better time reading in the dark or low-light. The printing of the hour indexes, date scale etc are a bit bold, but it fits the sporty nature of the replica Patek Philippe Aquanaut Travel Time.
Inside, Patek Philippe uses the caliber 324 S C FUS movement, based on the caliber 324 S C. It is a beautiful looking movement as you can see above, and only 4.82mm in height despite the 294 components that are used for this complication timepiece. The power reserve is 45 hours and beats at 28,800vph. This movement also bears the Patek Philippe Seal.


Below, you get a better glimpse of the brown rubber embossed strap and the double folding clasp, showing the Patek Philippe logo. It is very comfortable strap to wear, but if you want to make the replica watches a bit dressier, you might as well add an alligator strap to your purchase.
Aside from the price tag (see below), the Patek Philippe Aquanaut Travel Time in rose gold surely isn’t a watch for everyone. Which is a good thing! The shape of the case, the sporty character and rose gold might be to everyone’s liking, as I can imagine that some Patek purists rather go with the Calatrava or more classic looking timepieces. However, as a fan of the Nautilus, I have to admit this watch is one of my favorites of the Patek Philippe collection today. I am not a Calatrava guy myself.


Well, as said, the price is decisive in many cases, and this Patek Philippe is priced at CHF 45,000.- Swiss Francs, including 8% VAT. Considering the rose gold, Patek Philippe is very reasonable if you compare this price to the one of the stainless steel version (which is $36,400 USD).



Traditional Minute Repeater Patek Philippe replica

Twice in my life I have been fortunate enough to hear multiple Patek Philippe minute repeaters doing their thing, and the most recent was under interesting circumstances. Patek Philippe is generally, well, you wouldn’t say uncommunicative, but they do have the natural reticence that you’d expect from a family-owned haute horlogerie firm. Let’s go with discreet. However, over the last few years, the company has also begun holding periodic educational seminars, which, though of course they focus on Patek Philippe replica  wristwatches and history, also offer a great deal of very useful, generally-applicable information on watchmaking. The last such educational event I was part of was a full-day workshop on static and dynamic poising (which, if you’re of a similar turn of mind to mine, is pretty exciting, white-knuckle stuff, and I’m being totally serious). The most recent, however, was a workshop on minute repeaters, during which we discussed everything from manufacturing gongs, to case construction, to how repeaters are tested and validated for release at Patek – and, yes, horse urine as well; and thereby hangs a tale.

The history of chiming watches is generally pretty well known, at least in broad outline. Telling the time acoustically is the oldest known method, at least in mechanical horology in Europe, and it’s generally thought that the earliest clocks with mechanical escapements had no hands, nor a dial, but rather told the time by ringing a bell. A watch or clock can ring the time either “in passing,” which means that the time is rung automatically at the hours and quarter hours, or “on demand,” which means that the owner can operate a button or slide, and the movement will ring the time at the moment it’s activated.

The word “repeater” means on-demand striking. The first repeaters were English, and the first patent for a repeating watch was granted to Daniel Quare all the way back in 1687. Watches that chime the hour, and the nearest quarter hour, were the first repeating replica watches, and gradually more precise chiming watches were developed, until finally the minute repeater appeared – the very first that we know of were made in Germany, around 1720.

Making minute repeaters at Patek Philippe goes pretty far back. The first one recorded in Patek’s archives was made in 1839, and sold for 450 CHF (it was only the 19th watch produced by the company, at the time). The watch was a quarter repeater. The first half-quarter repeater (which chimes the hour, quarter, and the nearest half-quarter hour, or seven and a half minute period) was sold in 1845, and in the same year the company sold its first true minute repeater too. It was also in 1845 that the first grand et petite sonnerie from Patek was sold (and it was also the year that Jean Adrien Philippe joined the company – big year). Since then Patek has made some of the most famous chiming and complicated watches in the world; it’s a list that includes the Duke of Regla pocket watch from 1910 (grande et petite sonnerie with minute repeater and Westminster chimes, ringing on five gongs), the record-breaking Henry Graves Supercomplication (which we personally witnessed and shared with you as it sold for $24 million in 2014), the Caliber 89, the Star Caliber 2000, and, of course, most recently, the Grandmaster Chime.

The company’s first wristwatch repeater was a five minute repeater (chiming the hours, quarter hours, and then the nearest number of five minute intervals) made as a ladies’ watch in 1916, in a 27.1mm platinum case. Patek’s first wristwatch minute repeater was sold in 1925 and used a 12 ligne blank from Victorin Piguet, who was a frequent supplier both before and after World War II. This is the famous Teetor watch, made for the American automotive engineer Ralph Teetor, who was blind (and whose inventions include the first cruise control). Repeater production in the 1960s and 70s came to a virtual standstill, although in the 1980s two unique pieces – references 3621 and 3615 – were made. In 1989, however, Patek produced the reference 3974 – a minute repeater with perpetual calendar and moonphase that housed the caliber R 27 Q, with a micro-rotor winding system.

However, it wasn’t until 1992 that Patek Philippe resumed regular production of repeaters (that is, non–limited edition production). The reference 3939, which came out that year, was produced from 1992 to 2010, and it remains one of the stealthiest ways possible to wear a thoroughbred high complication. Back in 2011 Ben described a one-off steel version made for Only Watch: “Reference 3939 has existed in the Patek catalog for some time, but has only been available in gold and platinum. This watch, with a small diameter, hidden tourbillon, enamel dial, and relatively unobtrusive repeater slide is the ultimate silent killer – it may not look like much to the average guy, but boy is it something special.” That particular 3939 ended up hammering for $1.9 million.


Minute Repeater Production At Patek Philippe Today

Patek Philippe has chosen to chart a rather interesting course in minute repeater production in its current collection. While many (well, we’re talking exotic repeaters here, so it’s not that many) companies that are in the repeater business have chosen to push hard on R&D, and make much of technical advantages and advances, Patek is largely still doing things the old fashioned way, although the company has adopted some ancillary testing technology that represents a more modern approach. For instance, recordings of the sound profile of each repeater are made in an anechoic chamber, and the sound is analyzed digitally to ensure that it meets Patek’s internal standards. However, there’s nothing in any Patek Philippe repeater that would seem shocking to a watchmaker from a century ago (in fact, although silicon balance springs are found in many of Patek’s watches, to this day you won’t find them in its repeaters). Despite the undoubted interest in the best of today’s crop of technically forward-looking repeaters, there is something deeply compelling about handling a repeater that represents the continuity of traditional methods you find in a Patek (and which is after all Patek Philippe’s main stock in trade).

Just to provide a little context, it’s useful to remember that working on minute repeaters is demanding in a way that working on other watches is not. The only thing that comes close maybe is the rattrapante chronograph, which, though it also requires great care in both maintenance and manufacturing, doesn’t demand the good subjective judgement for sound quality that is required for the repeater. The horological author Donald de Carle (who was not, to put it mildly, a writer given to hyperbole) writes, in Complicated Watches And Their Repair, that, “It has been constantly stressed that the utmost care must be exercised when repairing complicated watches, and when repairing repeated watches, that advice can now be doubly stressed. We have all heard the phrase, cool, calm and collected, and it can be applied to meet many occasions, but it has a real personal significance to to the person undertaking the care of repeaters…it is for the student to make himself proficient, by acquiring through practice, the mentality necessary to do the work now to be discussed.”

The three primary characteristics of a repeater are the tempo at which it chimes, the quality of the sound, and the volume at which it chimes. Tempo in Patek’s repeaters is controlled by a centrifugal governor, which is underneath the Calatrava cross on the top plate (that’s the part of the movement visible through the display back). There are three gears in series that link the separate spring barrel that powers the repeater to the governor itself, which has two spring loaded arms on it with weights on the end. When you push home and release the repeater slide, you wind the spring barrel, and the speed at which it unwinds – and thus, how fast or slow the chimes ring – is determined by how fast the governor spins. The governor slows the speed of rotation of the mainspring barrel by offering inertial resistance: As it spins, the two arms open outward against the resistance of the springs and slow the speed of rotation, like a spinning figure skater extending their arms (to use a well-worn but illustrative analogy).

Patek started using centrifugal governors in 1989 and they’re now used in all Patek repeaters. The older method for controlling the tempo of chiming is with an anchor, which makes a distinctive buzzing sound; the centrifugal governor is much quieter (though not totally silent). One of the points of adjustment in a repeater is the governor’s speed of rotation – ideally, there is enough power in the mainspring barrel so that the tempo of chiming doesn’t noticeably slow when the last minutes are being struck.
The gongs in a modern minute repeater are generally made of hardened steel; some Patek watches have what are called “cathedral” gongs, which are 1.5 times longer than conventional gongs (and which, based on our experience, have a noticeably deeper and richer sound). Now, despite the relative predictability of modern manufacturing methods, making repeaters remains something of a dark art, and the acoustic qualities of each repeater can vary depending on the properties of the case, movement, dial, and even whether or not the repeater is gem-set, so Patek makes 21 different grades of standard gongs, as well as 21 different grades of cathedral repeater gongs. Gongs are made by hand, one at a time, and learning how to make them is a rather time consuming process – we’re told that, in general, Patek’s watchmakers have to make a hundred or so of a given grade of gong in order to have mastered that type well enough to be allowed to make that grade for actual production minute repeaters. Gongs range from just 0.48mm to 0.6mm in diameter.

Let’s talk about myths and legends for a moment. First of all, we have it straight from Patek Philippe replica that yes, Thierry Stern personally listens to, and approves, each Patek Philippe minute repeater before letting it out into the world. There are four basic stages in the validation process. First, the repeater is approved by the watchmaker who made it. Second, it goes to the anechoic chamber (a room lined with material that suppresses echoes, which would otherwise make for a recording that isn’t clean enough) and a recording is made which undergoes computational analysis for desired parameters. Third, the repeater is listened to by Patek’s senior watchmaker in charge of chiming complications. And, finally, the repeater is sent to Thierry Stern. By the time a repeater gets to Mr. Stern’s office there’s a good chance it will be approved, but very occasionally rejections do occur – not often, according to Patek, but often enough that it’s not just a formality. There are certain basic objective parameters – the sound on average for Patek repeaters is about 60 decibels, the chimes should ring for almost exactly 18 seconds – but a great deal of the vetting process for repeaters is still subjectively done by the human ear.

There are a number of reasons a repeater might be rejected – the hour, quarter, and minute strikes are each evaluated separately, for instance, but they must all work together harmoniously as well. Tempo and volume are also evaluated. We had a chance, as a group, to do a blind evaluation of three different repeaters from recordings made by Patek, and even blind, there was surprising consensus on the quality of each repeater, with several participants able to correctly identify case material, and with virtually unanimous rejection of one watch by our group – and it turns out that this particular watch had been rejected by Mr. Stern as well.

One very interesting point that we discussed extensively is the degree to which case material affects sound. Amongst repeater aficionados, it’s often said that rose gold is the “best” case material in terms of sound quality. While it’s true that rose gold has a characteristic sound profile, it’s not always true that it’s the best in any objective sense. Platinum, for instance, can have a somewhat dull, muted tone, but it can also, at its best, have a kind of crystalline quality you don’t get from a gold case, so a lot of it is really down to personal preference. It’s a bit like the difference between a big Bordeaux and Japanese sake; the latter has a much narrower flavor profile, but within that there are infinite shades of variety and just as surely as there is lousy sake you wouldn’t use to wash out a cat box, and sake that will make you feel like you’re viewing cherry blossoms in spring in the shadow of Mt. Fuji, there are both lousy and terrific platinum minute repeaters.
Another very interesting fact is that consensus was nearly universal that some of the clearest, most beautifully resonant sound came from two of the smallest watches we saw: the references 7002/450G Four Seasons Symphony and the wonderful 7000R Ladies First repeater. I knew the sound of the Ladies First repeater from earlier listening, but I hadn’t heard the Four Seasons Symphony before, and the sound was exceptional – similar, oddly enough, in some respects to the sound from the reference 5073R, which, like the 5073P, has cathedral gongs. The presence of diamonds definitely seems to have an impact on the color of the sound, apart from considerations of size, case material, and movement characteristics.

Oh, about the horse urine – that’s actually a dead serious part of minute repeater history. The story one hears is that one of the trade secrets for making repeaters is that the final quenching of the gongs took place in that particular liquid back in The Good Old Days. To put it in context, throughout the history of metallurgy there have been stories of exotic substances used to quench and temper steel, up to and including human blood, which was supposedly used for the best Damascus steel.
I asked Patek’s master watchmaker in New York Laurent Junod about this piece of possible horological apocrypha and he said that it was absolutely true. It turns out that urine has been a favored substance for quenching steel for centuries, thanks to its ammonia content – ammonia contains nitrogen, and there’s a process called nitriding, which produces something known as a case-hardened surface in steel, and if you think I’m blowing smoke, you can read all about it in “The Effects Of Human And Animal Urine On Nitriding For Improved Hardness Property Of Aluminum Alloy Materials” in the European Journal Of Material Sciences (which talks about nitriding steel as well).

can’t get anywhere else. Undoubtedly, you’re disappointed to have come to the end of this story without a single recording of one of these watches, no? Fortunately we have something quite extraordinary to share with you again – in 2013 we recorded what was then the entire Patek Philippe minute repeater collection and you can jump back in time and have a listen again to something really extraordinary here.

In an horological world where new and better are constant buzzwords, it’s great to see such old-school watchmaking still going on at this level. There is absolutely nothing wrong with blazing new trails and advancing horological science but to see to this day what you can get out of absolutely classic methods and materials provides a connection to the history of watchmaking at its best, not easily obtained elsewhere.

And, as a bonus, here’s our exclusive video coverage of one Patek chiming complication that wasn’t part of the presentation I attended: the quality Patek Philippe replica Grandmaster Chime, reference 5175R, made to celebrate Patek’s 175th anniversary. Oh, and if your ears don’t get too tired, why not treat yourself to the video we put together that time we went hands-on with the Henry Graves Supercomplication – that’s right, you can hear it do its thing too.


What’s so great about a Patek Philipe replica watches?

Okay that was a bit harsh, so let me rephrase: In my humble opinion, Patek is not not as far better than other haute horlogerie replica watches manufacturers as many seem to think.
They are an excellent brand, which is widely considered to be one of the best, if not the best.
Nevertheless, I can’t help but wonder if a lot of it is due to great marketing.

Patek Philipe replica watches history

It’s not exactly clear (at least to me), what Patek Philippe’s contribution to history of horology was (automatic watch? crown mechanism?).
Vacheron Constantin seems to be older than Patek, while Breguet seems to have much more historical firsts, credited to its founder, Mr. Breguet, although they were a revived brand.
I believe they did invent the annual calendar complication though.


Their grand complication watches are beautiful but mostly just rehashed.Patek Philipe replica recently released a corny named Grandmaster Chime watch, which was impressive as far as complications are concerned, but everyone has to admit that the case engraving is pretty gaudy looking.

On entry level, Calatrava lineup is priced around $10000 (USD) above competing watches such as the VC Patrimony series, the Lange Saxonia, etc while using a rather uninspired movement (324SC) that goes into many many other Pateks.
While other brands seem to develop new movements for their entry level watches, Patek seems to just use the same one movement for all entry level automatic (Nautlius, many Calatravas, Aquanaut) and another movement for all entry level manual wound watches, which results in a disturbing mismatch between case size and movement size in some cases.
Interestingly, that rotor and bridge design seems to occur in many movements besides the 324 SC, which I find rather disappointing.
On the sportier side, Nautilus and Aquanaut are excellent watches and their owners seem to love them but honestly the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak was the original Genta design watch.
These are some of the recent releases from Patek:


(note the 324SC)

4461 4462

(Note the rotor which is the same one as in the 324 SC above)


I do think they do a better job than other brands on marketing and perception. Their slogan “you never actually own a patek. you merely look after it for the next generation” is absolutely brilliant.


In addition, whether intentional or not, vintage Pateks seem to always set records in auctions and used Pateks seem to retain their value incredibly well.


The lowest price for a new Patek is around $20000, for an Aquanaut and can be higher than $30000 for a no-complications Calatrava.
Any kind of complication, you’re talking about above $30000 in steel and more commonly, above $50000.
But with that said, replica Patek Philipe supposedly makes 50000 watches per year, which is less than Rolex but a lot more than what Lange supposedly makes (~5000).
I guess 50000 isn’t a lot, but I would imagine it’s a fairly large proportion among Swiss watch collectors.

So there you have it, Patek Philippe: Clearly a great brand but not without flaws.

Disclaimer: I actually do own a Patek (5127G, purchased new).


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The new millennium, if mentioned Patek Philippe replica ladies’, Twenty ~ 4® this name is almost known to everybody. Her beautiful appearance, steady go, easy to wear characteristics, making her the obvious choice selection of Ms. Patek Philippe watch when. In recent years, the ladies of complex mechanical watches more and more enthusiastic about the advent of Patek Philippe Ladies First series of complex functions of the female form make Twenty ~ 4® series gradually fade out of sight. In the selection of women watch more abundant today, it is time to review the simple elegant beauty of Twenty ~ 4®.


24 hours, accompanied by

No shortage of Patek Philippe history built specifically for women’s timepieces, such as Queen Elizabeth I in the Palais London Exposition phase Patek Philippe open face pocket watch; Hungary Duchess Koscowicz commissioned Patek Philippe customized first square bracelet watch; or 1916 a fifth of women timekeeping watch. Most of which are designed for female customers to create customized works. The first conventional design for ladies watches series, introduced in 1999 was undoubtedly the Twenty ~ 4®.
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At the same time, Patek Philippe also from the actual needs of modern women leave for the selection of the series Twenty ~ 4® Caliber E 15 quartz movement. The specially built high-precision quartz movement, enough power to meet the modern woman for accurate travel time and power reserve requirements. If the preference for mechanical watches President, can be found with the mechanical movement of the full diamond compact models in Twenty ~ 4® series, manual winding design, so wear more fun.

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Moreover, Patek Philippe Twenty ~ 4 series also create a variety of fine jewelry watches, the complexity of the process, the shape of the fine, as much as a piece of jewelry art. For example the 2012 “Rose” watch set with 1671 diamonds, 922 rubies and 131 emeralds, with case, dial and bracelet of drawing paper, depicting an elegant and chic “Rose and leaves” pattern. 2014, to coincide with the creation of Patek Philippe Twenty ~ 4 150 anniversary of the birth of the 15th anniversary of the series, for which the use of replica Patek Philippe 1937 Top Wesselton diamonds and sapphires, a vivid mosaic “water creatures” Sketch.

Twenty ~ 4 adhering to the decorative art and design concept, minimalist design combined with diamond embellishment, dripping release female elegance. Whether expatriate lifestyle cause or accompany loved ones at home, Twenty ~ 4 series can become a women’s intimate “close friend”, with success, laugh together, to witness wonderful moments together.


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Flamme fire mosaic Patek Philippe Calatrava replica Ref. 7200 / 200R

Precious stones, along with decorative carvings and enamel finishes, decorative art timepiece is the oldest tradition of the three processes. The earliest history of the portable timepiece works often decorated with luxurious beautiful gems. As part of this great craft tradition Geneva guardian, Patek Philippe since 1839, we have always been committed to protect and promote these rare processes. Geneva Patek Philippe museum masterpieces are many timepieces proved that the same commitment. Under the leadership of Patek Philippe replica creative director Sandrine Stearns (Mr. Terry Stearns Patek president Mrs.), the Patek Philippe created a series of stunning jewelry watches, displaying colorful gemstone mosaic techniques, such as the classic bead mosaic, inlay and detent strip mosaic, as well as non-directional invisible mosaic mosaic snow and very challenging process, precious mosaics, not to mention the Twenty ~ 4® advanced jewelry watch gold case complete. These masterpieces of different styles of timepieces show top extraordinary creativity and artistic inspiration, and the ultimate pursuit of perfect practice Patek Philippe mark represents.

4404 4405
The new stone setting techniques that will help Patek greatly enriched when the count is now producing the series. To cope with the process debut, Patek Philippe has selected a particular favored by women’s watches: 2013 launch of the Calatrava Ref 7200. The table with the generals thin type case elegant and stylish character design, stand out among the candidates watches. This is the first time Flamme® fire setting technology for the watch case, making it even more dazzling diamond fire color and brightness of crystal. Calatrava Ref. 7200 / 200R rose gold bezel, decorated with two rows of staggered inlaid diamonds, a total of 142. Precious stones inlaid diamond division first place to the intended location, and then manually gold material between two rows of diamonds carved into tiny inlaid claws, again inward or outward bending these inlaid claws make it buckle surface of the diamond to diamond fixed. Then, using a sharp chisel setters, precise dynamics carefully carved flutes on diamonds and diamond bezel metal between the steps needed to keep their hands absolutely stable, while the eyes can not have the slightest deviation.

4406 4407
He then left and right sides of the flutes diamond shape ingenious support, thus further fixed diamonds. Finally, gem setters will elaborate inlaid claw-like support and the small flame polished, and check whether each diamond is securely fastened. Since the two rows are staggered diamond, the light from the bottom up at staggered irradiated diamond, the diamond fire color full release. At the same time, these inserts are staggered claws, a unique texture is formed on the bezel, as if round lace. Ultimate technology to create elegant details: two crown set with two small diamonds, ensure that even in the most inconspicuous place still shining diamonds.
As other Patek Philippe cheap replica watch with gemstone jewelry inlaid technology, Flamme® fire mosaics not only show the virtuosity of master jewelry artisans, more perfect practice strict rules Patek Philippe mark when the count for the decoration. To maximize the diamond to show bright and shining brilliantly, must comply with the diamond top Wesselton diamonds for “fine white” color of the stringent requirements, and must pristine, perfect cut. Gem setters must also ensure that all the precious stones are inlaid vertical, and keep the same pitch and the shaft inlay depth. This requires holding the diamond facets tidy and to ensure accurate alignment of the diamond shape with the case. All gems must be manually fixed and will never use glue. Places as much as possible to cover the metal surface is selected as the target mosaics.

As other Patek Philippe replica watches with gemstone jewelry inlaid technology, Flamme® fire mosaics not only show the virtuosity of master jewelry artisans, more perfect practice strict rules Patek Philippe mark when the count for the decoration. To maximize the diamond to show bright and shining brilliantly, must comply with the diamond top Wesselton diamonds for “fine white” color of the stringent requirements, and must pristine, perfect cut. Gem setters must also ensure that all the precious stones are inlaid vertical, and keep the same pitch and the shaft inlay depth. This requires holding the diamond facets tidy and to ensure accurate alignment of the diamond shape with the case. All gems must be manually fixed and will never use glue. Places as much as possible to cover the metal surface is selected as the target mosaics.