Patek Philippe replica launched three new women’s watch

From July 13 to July 23, 2017, Patek Philippe replica held the Watch Art Grand Exhibition at Cipriani Building, 42nd Street, New York. On this occasion, the brand launched three new women’s watch (Ref.7200 / 50, Ref.7000 / 250 and Ref.7130) New York 2017 special limited edition.

Calatrava Ref.7200 / 50 ladies watch

Calatrava Ref.7200 / 50 is not a new model, but this special edition watch introduces two new dial. Case made of platinum, with a lift-type metal back cover. Mother of pearl dial provides light blue gray and slightly dark purple blue two options, and decorative diamond time scale. Equipped with Caliber 240 movement, equipped with micro-pendulum Tuo, the movement this year ushered in the birth of the 40th anniversary. In addition to Ref.7200 / 50, it is also used to configure other models that only show time, such as Ref.5120 and Ref.3738. Patek Philippe Calatrava replica Ref.7200 / 50 women’s watch two dial version of the limited edition of 75, priced at $ 29,485, equivalent to about $ 200,000 yuan.
Three asked the newspaper Ref.7000 / 250 women’s replica watches

Ref.7000 is not a new model (there are three questions reported Ref.7000 rose gold watch), but the new watch case and bezel retouch processing is indeed special. Case made of platinum, with a lift-type metal back cover, bezel set inlaid 160 bright diamonds. Dark blue enamel dial decorated diamond timing, and at 6 o’clock position with sub-dial. Equipped with Caliber R 27 PS movement, can be reported when the carved and sub-information. Using a dense design, the bottom engraved “PATEK PHILIPPE NEW YORK 2017” (Patek Philippe New York 2017) words. Patek Philippe three asked the newspaper Ref.7000 / 250 women’s cheap replica watches limited edition 3, priced at $ 447,939, equivalent to about $ 3.03 million yuan.
World Time Ref.7130 ladies watch

Finally the world time Ref.7130 ladies watch. As the world time Ref.5230 men’s watch, women’s style blue plate also decorated with Manhattan skyline pattern. Case made of rose gold or platinum, bezel are inlaid with diamonds. Equipped with Caliber 240 HU world time movement, equipped with micro-pendulum Tuo. Using the back through the design, sapphire crystal engraved “PATEK PHILIPPE NEW YORK 2017” (Patek Philippe New York 2017) words. Rose gold and platinum section of the limited edition of 75, priced at $ 56,702, equivalent to about 380,000 yuan yuan.


Patek Philippe replica Calatrava Pilot Stainless Steel Watch Ref. 5522A-001

From July 13 to July 23, 2017, Patek Philippe replica held the Watch Art Grand Exhibition at Cipriani Building, 42nd Street, New York. On this occasion, the brand launched a new Calatrava Pilot stainless steel watch Ref. 5522A-001 New York 2017 limited edition.

This watch is 42 mm in diameter, equipped with a unique dial, reminiscent of Patek Philippe replica watches antique pilots watch. 2015 Baselworld 2015, Patek Philippe released Calatrava Pilot Travel Time Ref. 5524G pilot two time platinum watch, and the new Ref. 5522A-001 watch that is its successor. The new watch application of stainless steel, limited edition 600, highly valuable collection.

The unique color on the dial reminiscent of the classic appearance of the American fighter in the 1930s. Large Platinum Arabian inlaid figures and wide blue steel rods are coated with Luminescent fluorescent layer, all-weather to ensure good readability. Brown calfskin strap with a classic flight suit for inspiration, with a white suture, stainless steel clasp is similar to the pilots used to fix the life-saving backpack waist buckle.

Equipped with Caliber 324 S automatic winding movement, vibration frequency 28,800 times / hour (4 Hz), can provide 45 hours power reserve. Using the back through the design, sapphire crystal engraved “PATEK PHILIPPE NEW YORK 2017” (cheap Patek Philippe replica New York 2017) words. It is reported that Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot stainless steel replica watches Ref. 5522A-001 New York 2017 special limited edition price of 21,547 US dollars, equivalent to about 146,000 yuan RMB.

Patek Philippe Calatrava replica Ref. 7200 / 200R

Patek Philippe Calatrava replica Ref. 7200 / 200R

Patek Philippe replica watches launch of the new Calatrava Ref. 7200 / 200R, also marks a new gem mosaics was born, fire color diamond gift to bright light. This is called Flamme® fire mosaic stones mosaics registered patent watch industry, highlighting the Patek Philippe timepiece extraordinary technical achievement in the external decoration, to meet many women for classic jewelry watch needs to show women elegant charm.


Flamme fire mosaic Patek Philippe Calatrava replica Ref. 7200 / 200R

Precious stones, along with decorative carvings and enamel finishes, decorative art timepiece is the oldest tradition of the three processes. The earliest history of the portable timepiece works often decorated with luxurious beautiful gems. As part of this great craft tradition Geneva guardian, Patek Philippe since 1839, we have always been committed to protect and promote these rare processes. Geneva Patek Philippe museum masterpieces are many timepieces proved that the same commitment. Under the leadership of Patek Philippe replica creative director Sandrine Stearns (Mr. Terry Stearns Patek president Mrs.), the Patek Philippe created a series of stunning jewelry watches, displaying colorful gemstone mosaic techniques, such as the classic bead mosaic, inlay and detent strip mosaic, as well as non-directional invisible mosaic mosaic snow and very challenging process, precious mosaics, not to mention the Twenty ~ 4® advanced jewelry watch gold case complete. These masterpieces of different styles of timepieces show top extraordinary creativity and artistic inspiration, and the ultimate pursuit of perfect practice Patek Philippe mark represents.

4404 4405
The new stone setting techniques that will help Patek greatly enriched when the count is now producing the series. To cope with the process debut, Patek Philippe has selected a particular favored by women’s watches: 2013 launch of the Calatrava Ref 7200. The table with the generals thin type case elegant and stylish character design, stand out among the candidates watches. This is the first time Flamme® fire setting technology for the watch case, making it even more dazzling diamond fire color and brightness of crystal. Calatrava Ref. 7200 / 200R rose gold bezel, decorated with two rows of staggered inlaid diamonds, a total of 142. Precious stones inlaid diamond division first place to the intended location, and then manually gold material between two rows of diamonds carved into tiny inlaid claws, again inward or outward bending these inlaid claws make it buckle surface of the diamond to diamond fixed. Then, using a sharp chisel setters, precise dynamics carefully carved flutes on diamonds and diamond bezel metal between the steps needed to keep their hands absolutely stable, while the eyes can not have the slightest deviation.

4406 4407
He then left and right sides of the flutes diamond shape ingenious support, thus further fixed diamonds. Finally, gem setters will elaborate inlaid claw-like support and the small flame polished, and check whether each diamond is securely fastened. Since the two rows are staggered diamond, the light from the bottom up at staggered irradiated diamond, the diamond fire color full release. At the same time, these inserts are staggered claws, a unique texture is formed on the bezel, as if round lace. Ultimate technology to create elegant details: two crown set with two small diamonds, ensure that even in the most inconspicuous place still shining diamonds.
As other Patek Philippe cheap replica watch with gemstone jewelry inlaid technology, Flamme® fire mosaics not only show the virtuosity of master jewelry artisans, more perfect practice strict rules Patek Philippe mark when the count for the decoration. To maximize the diamond to show bright and shining brilliantly, must comply with the diamond top Wesselton diamonds for “fine white” color of the stringent requirements, and must pristine, perfect cut. Gem setters must also ensure that all the precious stones are inlaid vertical, and keep the same pitch and the shaft inlay depth. This requires holding the diamond facets tidy and to ensure accurate alignment of the diamond shape with the case. All gems must be manually fixed and will never use glue. Places as much as possible to cover the metal surface is selected as the target mosaics.

As other Patek Philippe replica watches with gemstone jewelry inlaid technology, Flamme® fire mosaics not only show the virtuosity of master jewelry artisans, more perfect practice strict rules Patek Philippe mark when the count for the decoration. To maximize the diamond to show bright and shining brilliantly, must comply with the diamond top Wesselton diamonds for “fine white” color of the stringent requirements, and must pristine, perfect cut. Gem setters must also ensure that all the precious stones are inlaid vertical, and keep the same pitch and the shaft inlay depth. This requires holding the diamond facets tidy and to ensure accurate alignment of the diamond shape with the case. All gems must be manually fixed and will never use glue. Places as much as possible to cover the metal surface is selected as the target mosaics.


Patek Philippe replica Calatrava Ref. 5196

Patek Philippe replica Calatrava Ref. 5196

The Patek Philippe Calatrava: an arrangement so frequently viewed as the top of extravagance, it has turned into the current “Vessel watch” for such a large number of gatherers, of both vintage and contemporary watches. Celebrated internationally at first for its straightforwardness, innovation, and agelessness of configuration, the Calatrava arrangement set out from the begin to take after the German Bauhaus school of outline, which championed the fundamentals of moderation and usefulness.


Patek Philippe replica Calatrava Ref. 5196

Discharged in 1932 not long after Patek Philippe’s procurement by the Stern family, the Calatrava arrangement was named after the Calatrava cross, got from medieval Christian legacy, which Patek utilizes as its corporate logo. The Reference 96 (presented over), the first in the arrangement, was earth shattering for now is the ideal time — starkly differentiating the more complex dial and case outlines of the former years (think Art Deco and early pilot watches).


Today, as much as yesteryear, the Calatrava arrangement keeps up a regarded remaining in the realm of horology. In spite of the fact that we now know it through a wide range of references, we will center our “Vintage Eye” upon the Ref. 5196 (case underneath), a contemporary re-translation of the first outline.


Accessible in platinum or white, yellow or rose gold, this 37-mm, physically twisted watch firmly takes after the 31-mm piece from the mid 1930s. With its smooth case, downplayed marked crown, and level bezel, the watch is moderately thin and intended to slip effortlessly underneath a shirt sleeve. On the dial is a to some degree textured, silvered foundation for the connected gold, tick hour markers, a diagram of a connected gold external moment ring, and a moderate, little seconds sub-dial toward the 6 o’clock position. The dauphine hands, an undisputed top choice style decision of mine (see my scope of the Grand Seiko), are fueled by Patek’s Caliber 215 PS, a development with a force store of around 44 hours, and the watch has a general slimness of 8 mm. Costs at most merchants for this piece start around $18,000.


In contrast with the first Reference 96, the present day 5196 pays what I observe to be a good respect to its vintage legacy. With its connected, downplayed hour markers, dauphine hands, subdial, and thin case — the cutting edge piece would have no issue conceivably passing itself off as a vintage timepiece. Likewise, one of the elements that draws much acclaim here is the 5196’s strong, cleaned caseback. Most producers of current, extravagance observes today, flaunt the watch’s unpredictably finished development through a reasonable caseback, however with the 5196, Patek picked rather selected to take after its Bauhaus legacy and genuinely permit structure to take after capacity, the same number of are well-suited to state.

The 5196, being a re-elucidation and not a re-creation, additionally has a couple of critical changes from its forerunner. The most evident one is the 6-mm increment for the situation size, however you may see the general better completing and in addition more smoothness in the cutting edge watch: the crown is slimmer and more tightly to the case, and there is a more many-sided utilization of both brushed and cleaned metal completions when contrasted with the first, which was for the most part cleaned. Some different changes incorporate the more textured dial, the more moderate subdial, and the connected external moment ring — all elements not present on the principal case of Reference 96.


Since roughly the mid 1980s, vintage watches have kept on drawing more, and more energetic, enthusiasm from a more extensive scope of customers. The Patek Philippe brand, and particularly the Calatrava arrangement, has been at the focal point of a lot of this consideration. Therefore, all Pateks are viewed as exceedingly collectible pieces, and even generally fundamental time-just watches, for example, this present day Calatrava Ref. 5196, order generally high costs, with numerous trusting they can possibly really increment in worth after some time.


Whether this demonstrates genuine or not over the long haul for present day Patek Philippes I couldn’t say, yet I would contend if a purchaser has the methods and the will to procure a Patek Philippe watch, the 5196 is one of the best alternatives accessible. Not very many different watches today can gloat such a solid history, ageless style, and moderate yet at the same time captivating configuration — to me, the three best qualities of a watch that you plan to stow away underneath a customized tuxedo coat.

Patek Philippe replica  Calatrava

Patek Philippe replica Calatrava

Two plain-confronted wonders, the cheap Patek Philippe replica Calatrava and A. Lange and Söhne Saxonia, clash in this examination test from the WatchTime documents. Jens Koch gets top to bottom with the two timepieces and Nik Schölzel gives the lovely unique photography.


Patek Philippe replica  Calatrava

A difficulty is a pretty thing, however it absolutely doesn’t enhance the clarity of a watch’s opportunity show. Furthermore, since the season of day is the most much of the time looked for data on a watch’s dial, it bodes well to focus on the minimum necessities: hours, minutes and maybe likewise a subdial for the seconds hand to demonstrate that the watch is as yet running. Indeed, even the nearness of a date presentation can diminish the ideal concordance and clarity of a dial. The excellence of A. Lange and Söhne’s Saxonia and Patek Philippe’s Calatrava Reference 5196 lives in their effortlessness. Literally nothing pointless can be found on these beautifully immaculate wristwatches. Both brands rank among the world’s finest makes. What’s more, each has roots that compass back to the nineteenth century. Ferdinand Adolph Lange established the first A. Lange and Söhne in the residential community of Glashütte in the Kingdom of Saxony (in what is presently eastern Germany) in 1845. Lange built up the seventy five percent plate and fabricated pocket watches celebrated for their high caliber. They were all around recognized as the finest timepieces made in Germany. The organization was disbanded in 1945, and just in 1990 was the A. Lange and Söhne name restored by another organization established, similar to the to begin with, in Glashütte. The organization is currently claimed by the Richemont Group.

Patek Philippe replica, which was established in 1839, is exclusive. This production has made various astounding timepieces throughout its distinguished history, including the world’s most convoluted pocket watches, which were based on commission from the investor Henry Graves. Patek Philippe was additionally among the principal brands to create wristwatches. The Caliber 89 pocket watch, which appeared in 1989, has 33 capacities and remains the world’s most confounded convenient timepiece (generally the span of a grapefruit, it’s large to the point that the expression “watch” appears like a misnomer). The two timepieces we tried are a long ways from the confused manifestations for which both brands are really popular. Every watch shows only the time; every demonstrates the passing seconds on an off kilter subdial; and each has lists as opposed to numerals. The minimum necessities appearance of the dial mirrors the straightforwardness of the developments. Neither has a self-winding instrument. Both are accordingly ready to fit in extremely thin, rich cases. Despite the fact that the developments stick entirely to the nuts and bolts, both are intricately adorned by hand. The cases and other noticeable parts are likewise of the most noteworthy quality. Basically, they speak to immaculate ticking extravagance.


Both cheap replica watches look to the past for their outline motivation. The Calatrava reference 5196 bears the same last digits as the first Calatrava, the reference 96 from 1932. The reference 5196 acquires its antecedent’s dauphine hands, seconds subdial, faceted lists and wreath of minor spots framing the moment circle. The distance across of the 96 was altogether littler, so the edge of its seconds subdial was digression to the outskirts of the dial at 6 o’clock. It isn’t so natural to distinguish the Saxonia’s antecedent. A model with this name was presented at the brand’s resurrection in 1994. Like the present model, the 1994 Saxonia shunned both numerals and programmed twisting, yet its rhombic files contrasted from the files on the new Saxonia. Like all Lange models dispatched following the association’s restoration, the Saxonia has lancet-formed hands. The new form appeared a year ago. It replaces the Lange 1815, which contained the same bore. Alternate models in the Saxonia accumulation are the Grand Saxonia Automatic (41 mm in width) and the Saxonia Automatic (37 mm, with a major date show).

The Calatrava and Saxonia are both 37 mm in distance across – a fitting size for a dress watch in this time of ever-bigger cases. Each is likewise only 8 mm thick, which implies it can vanish inconspicuously underneath an all around custom-made shirt sleeve. Both watches seem much slimmer than they are because of the glossy silk completing looking into the issue sides and domed sapphire precious stone. With its tight bezel and relatively long carries, the Calatrava looks considerably compliment than the Saxonia, which has an all the more profoundly domed and fundamentally more extensive bezel.


One clear distinction between the two watches is the nonappearance of a review window in the back of the Calatrava. Why did Patek Philippe discard it? The answer comes into perspective when one opens the case and finds that the Caliber 215 is beautiful, additionally very petite — marginally under 22 mm in measurement. A correspondingly little review window may have been a mistake. The self-winding Calatrava models, by complexity, do have show casebacks, maybe on the grounds that their Caliber 315 SC, at 27 mm in measurement, is fundamentally bigger than the 215. Despite the fact that Caliber 215 ticks inconspicuous oblivious bounds an austere case, Patek Philippe has given it the fine completing and improving twists connected with the best Geneva watchmaking: Geneva waves, sloped and cleaned edges, cleaned screw heads, glossy silk completed transmission haggle wheel, cleaned flanks on the riggings’ teeth, and a Gyromax parity. The development additionally bears the Geneva Seal. The format of the scaffolds notices back to the times of Patek pocket watches.

The Saxonia isn’t as modest; it flaunts its development through a sapphire caseback. Its development, Caliber L941.1, doesn’t totally fill the case, either, however at 25.6 mm in breadth it is considerably bigger than the Patek bore. The white gold edge around the window in the caseback gives space to the organization name and watch serial number however isn’t unduly expansive. The seventy five percent plate, a tribute to the plates utilized as a part of Lange’s 19-century pocket watches, is made of nickel silver and decorated with Glashütte waves. It is dabbed with ruby gems in gold settings, which are held set up by blued screws. The screw parity is appended to a chicken with hand-engraved embellishments and, on top, a swan’s neck fine modification system. The edges are inclined and cleaned; the leaders of the screws are cleaned; and the beds, the break haggle spread plate of the departure wheel are cleaned. Not at all like the Calatrava’s development, the Saxonia’s is outfitted with a stop-seconds capacity, which stops its seconds hand when the crown is hauled out. This component makes it simpler to set the watch with to-the-second exactness. Winding and setting both watches is simple. The Calatrava clicks respectably while it is being wound, though the Saxonia is about indistinct.


The crowns on both watches are genuinely simple to get a handle on. Almost no power is expected to work them. The to some degree bigger crown on the Calatrava, joined with this current watch’s slimness, implies the winding catch lies near the wrist. On the off chance that you get a kick out of the chance to wear your watch low on your wrist, the crown may press uncomfortably against the back of your hand. Moreover, the domed back gives this watch an inclination to move position. The Saxonia fits all the more serenely on the wrist, not exclusively in light of the fact that its crown is littler, but rather likewise on the grounds that its back is level and its hauls are mounted low. This averts slippage on the wrist.

Both watches have hand-sewn, crocodile calfskin straps with cut edges and are of magnificent quality. The Patek Philippe strap sparkles with shiny clear enamel, while the Lange one has a matte completion. Every strap has a straightforward prong clasp, with regards to the watches’ general moderate configuration. A collapsing fasten is more involved and doesn’t as a matter of course upgrade wearing solace. Patek Philippe features its prong flawlessly, however just twists it around the crosspiece. The cleaned clasp is a decent match for the watch and is immediately identifiable as being from Patek Philippe. Lange processes its prong from a strong piece of valuable metal and strengthens the clasp with an extra crossbar. The strap is guided through the clasp so that it hardly should be twisted; the catch and strap fit intently on the wrist. The name “Lange” shows up on the lock in clear, capital letters.

Swiss Patek Philippe Calatrava replica

Swiss Patek Philippe Calatrava replica

Patek Philippe Calatrava Series [ka-la-tra-va] Today is a Patek Philippe watch family in one of the earliest classic meter series. However, in 1932 it is a beginning of the birth of the European avant-garde design watches against the times. In its course of development of the Eighty – three from the avant-garde to classic how, this article will lead us back to the era of the birth of Calatrava series prototype, from the time the magnificent background for your true colors Secret time.

Time backgroud


Prototype Ref Patek Philippe Calatrava watches. 96 was born in 1932. At that time, the First World War, European countries undone, the rapid development of the industrial revolution era and gradually mature. This chapter reviews the 1920s to the 1930s in Europe and America, from the following three aspects of your birth family narrative Calatrava great background.
Every era will have its mainstream artistic style and aesthetic taste, it is one of the best examples of Art Deco decorative arts in the 1920s to 1930s heyday development.
Art Deco, Art Deco, also known as Art Deco originated in Paris, France, with splendid modern and novel known. 1925 World’s Fair held in Paris, the term Art Deco was officially named. 1920s to the 1930s heyday of Art Deco decorative arts, which shares a strong driving force, the subtle influence of the time series of modern design. Not only reflected in the architectural design, interior design and exhibition design, more widely applied to jewelry, watches, paintings, clothing, book binding, furniture, glass, and so on.

1920s to 1930s, the rapid rise of Europe and the world auto industry, a large number of car brands have emerged, until today plays an important role in the automotive industry influence. During this period, more and more of the production line was born, car slowly into the public life of sight, people’s lifestyle also accompanied by new vehicles universal and undergoing subtle changes. Watch design has become the most diverse in history and one of the most innovative era.

That is the concept of speed profound impact on the sign of the times was still wearing a pocket watch gentlemen. That time, the rich beauty of women wrist watches with a stylish and sophisticated vocabulary as a young jewelry, has become part of the first row lady lady decoration, but gentlemen timepiece partner is still hanging in the suit or vest pocket watch. Since the process of driving the car, took out his watch to check the time becomes very inconvenient, gentlemen start looking for men to wear the watch. This period held each watch company innovation, many new designs continue to emerge, such as rectangular, square type, barrel-type, shaped and so on. Of course, and a lot of new things, born at the beginning must be debated. When the timepiece worn on the wrist gradually popular, many conservatives negative comments follow. Since the day the wrist exposed and extremely uneven and stability, critics even questioned the reasonableness of luxury watches worn on the wrist. But soon he recognized the usefulness of the watch, and quickly became the most gentleman’s timepiece selection. To 1934, watch purchase rate has reached 2/3, 1/3 only watch. Patek Philippe’s Ref. 96 watch is in this environment, with its masculine beauty, simple lines won the gentlemen’s favorite.

Patek Philippe Calatrava replica Series

Driven era background, Patek Philippe replica is also in this period ushered in the peak of innovative design, both in shape watch, or in the watch features exhibits on. In 1932, Patek Philippe bold avant-garde design, the Bauhaus introduced to simplify, with the shape and function as a source of inspiration for its first born Ref. 96 watch, which laid the mainstream round cheap replica watches.
In the Stern family management, cheap Patek Philippe replica in the early 1930s pioneered a tradition – to develop numbered watches. Early numbers are printed on the inside front and back, in order to distinguish different types of companies and retailers of watches. These early numbers with a watch in the future there will be famous: Ref.96.

It was officially launched by the end of 1932 in order to “form with function and health,” the Bauhaus design philosophy to break the shackles of decorative arts. Stearns family for the wearer that the watch is the most important function is to display hours, minutes, and seconds, and the round case is the best option. Therefore, Ref.96 case with a circular design, dial and hands styling is equally simple and practical, minimalist style display time. While this watch, once launched, it attracted the attention of timepiece connoisseurs, rounded appearance to become the first Swiss watch in the history of the classic image of the watch, called the count when the class model.
Calatrava’s name is derived from Patek Philippe trademark registered in 1887, which represents the success and perseverance of Calatrava doji marked. The mark first appeared in the twelfth century a Spanish knight team flag, decorated with four lily pointing to four basis points. Ref 96 prototype was to pay tribute to its inspiration – was very pioneering spirit of the Bauhaus design style, in 1985, Patek Philippe formally classic round watch named Calatrava series, becoming Patek Philippe wrist when the family first count table series.

Calatrava Series is a Patek Philippe cheap replica watches are the perfect combination of form and function, highly representative of the classic series. This series of adhering to the avant-garde aesthetic concepts, delicate lines, elegant minimalist interpretation of the design aesthetic. The Patek Philippe model Ref.5123R-001 men’s watch uphold classic shell shape, using pale dial and gold applied hour markers; matte dark brown alligator with rectangular scales highlight the luxurious tolerance; soft lines, rounded a degree of polish , while the small second hand is also some bright spots.

Ref.5196J-001 men’s replica watches


As one of the classic watches to Patek Philippe Ref.96 tribute, Ref.5196 crucial position in Calatrava series. Retro classic case, white dial, coupled with soft three-dimensional gold hour markers, small seconds dial delicate. Gold style, adding more luxurious atmosphere.

Ref.5297G-001 men’s watch


Matt black dial, when the diamond standard, circular case Calatrava iconic mosaic 68 diamonds. Ref.5297G-001 platinum watch simple shape is impressive, coupled with diamond shine, it is particularly dazzling. Band selection rectangle alligator scales, glossy black highlights low-tolerance.

Ref.4897R-010 Ladies replica watches


Patek Philippe in warm 18K rose gold case reinterpret its slim women Calatrava Ref. 4897 watch dial with the sweet taste of chocolate color, bezel decorated with 72 Top Wesselton round diamonds, called a redefined sexy charm of mechanical watches masterpiece.

Ref.7120R-001 Ladies watch


Things Brisk, bright, Patek Philippe Ref.7120R fully demonstrated the charm of an elegant timepiece. Ivory carving pattern dial, hobnail pattern gold hour markers, unique. 54 diamonds on top of the classic round case, soft vanilla color satin strap full beauty.
Calatrava series watches under the simple design, but it will be a variety of complex functions one by one. Table slim body, made more complex and sophisticated challenge function skills. Patek Philippe with unlimited creativity and tireless pursuit of complex functions conferred Calatrava simple appearance under, from the aesthetic value to the functional skills, all reflect Bauhaus design trend, while the Patek Philippe innovation to create significant value demonstrated vividly

Ref.5205R-010 men’s watch


Ref.5205R-010, patented device calendar, three display windows are arranged in an arc along the surface, with hollow lugs design, praised by many connoisseurs. Classic round case, black dial treatment with moon phase function. Select strap alligator with rectangular scales, hand-stitched, Zhen more expensive.

Ref.5146R-001 men’s calendar watch


While Rose Gold Mens calendar watch, using white dial, gold applied hour markers and numerals, with central sweep seconds, track minute scale, Analog day and month, window-type date display, and both months phase function, folding clasp prominent eclectic personality.

Ref.6000R-001 men’s watch


Excellent classic design highlights the important concept of Patek Philippe consistent, relentless pursuit of perfection. Ref.6000R-001 adhering to the classic round case, brown and silver dial, small second hand eccentric disk design is also imaginative. Bright deep maroon alligator with rectangular scales, hand-stitched, but also highlights the Patek Philippe craft extraordinary, worth treasuring.

Ref. 4936G-001 Ladies calendar moon phase watch


The full moon phase watch Ms. female charm, the 156 size graded diamonds inlaid in a spiral shape surrounding the case, crown set with 14 diamonds, set off Tahitian black mother of pearl dial, dial with gold applied Roman block, exquisite charm. This watch is very feminine and elegant qualities, yet delicate. Equipped with manual winding movement to ensure accurate display of moon phase watch.

Ref. 4937G-001 Ladies calendar moon phase watch


The Calatrava case design ladies calendar moon phase luxury replica watches, with a white mother of pearl dial, gold applied numerals; pointer dial with day and month display and window-type date display; Case set with 431 diamonds, crown inlaid 14 diamonds, clasp inlaid 27 diamonds, exceptionally bright.
Patek Philippe Calatrava series is the product of Pioneer Spirit in the magnificent background. Bauhaus design trend for inspiration, when attention to meter design relationships with the wearer, Patek Philippe to watchmaking craftsmanship and pioneer attitude, breaking the mainstream aesthetic values ​​of the era, creating a classic that time tomorrow. When Art Deco Art Deco design is regarded as retro trend today, Calatrava series still revered round swiss replica watches model. It is also a Patek Philippe classic advertising slogan, “No one can have a Patek Philippe, but kept it for the next generation,” the interpretation of very profound meaning.

AAA+ Patek Philippe Calatrava replica watch

AAA+ Patek Philippe Calatrava replica watch

Patek Philippe Calatrava replica series is the most representative of the series, was born in 1932, the most simple and classic watches, Patek Philippe is very good introductory cheap replica watches, it has been popular attention. In 2013 the Basel International Jewellery & Watch Fair, the Patek Philippe Calatrava replica brings us a series of new cheap replica watches, elegant design is still the convergence is still exquisite workmanship, still so Patek Philippe. The biggest feature is a separate table back dust cover, craft exquisite, amazing. Following on bringing this new watch introduced one by one, the official model: 5227
Ref.5227 watch was formerly widespread impact and has many fans Ref. 5127. Many people’s first gold Patek Philippe replica watch is the famous classic replica watch Ref. 5127.

The new watch is basically a continuation of the old version of the design style, the nuances do realizable, adding its own characteristics. Ref. Case diameter than 5227 Ref. 5127 Great 2 mm, in line with the popular style. Compared with the old version of the case even more to some slim, elongated by the time scale also changed before the ladder type. In contrast, the new version is even more to watch some of the lighter. Currently the shop Ref. 5127 and Ref. 5227 simultaneously in the sale, but is expected Ref. 5127 will gradually shut down, like the old version should not miss.

Case diameter 39 mm, even more of the atmosphere. Concave bezel to watch bring more layering, slightly curved lugs and delicate shape are inherited from brand elegance and exquisite taste creative fusion of aesthetics.

Only when the pale yellow paint dial, minutes, seconds and date display, no other complex functions, only emphasizes the most primitive sense replica watch display the time.

Case only 9.24 mm thick, but the integration of the sapphire crystal lens cover and a hinged dust cover two parts, which can be seen in its extraordinary craftsmanship and creative spirit.

The new Calatrava Ref. 5227 the most important feature is that the front and back of the dust cover, generals family combines style dust cover, to be re-designed to thoroughly cover is equipped with a separate dust cover.

Watch the original plan released in 2012, but the complex process of case postponed the plan. Flange opening and closing the dust is extremely small, almost invisible to the naked eye. When worn on the hand, and the case is connected to the hinge it is completely invisible.

Only open the dust cover to see the hinges, making hinge itself, and the top part of the process will hinge connection with the dust cover and precision required by the case is self-evident. In addition, the dust cover must also be controlled through manual adjustment to ensure smooth and seamless achieve closure.

Watch the inside of the dust cover with carved decoration, this section is to provide personalized service, different content can be engraved according to personal will, very intimate.

After opening the dust cover, you can enjoy the famous self-winding caliber 324 SC movement, large balance wheel with four arms Gyromax® Spiromax® Silinvar® material balance spring, pendulum frequency of 28,800 half-swing (4 Hertz), ensure the accuracy of travel Patek Philippe replica watch imprint prescribed a daily range of error of only 3 sec to +2 seconds.
The table has three kinds of material to choose from, respectively, 18K gold, white gold and rose gold (5N) style, with hand-sewn alligator with rectangular scales chunks strap and case material using the corresponding gold pin buckle . Platinum style with bright black strap, gold style with light chocolate brown strap, rose gold with light brown strap.

Summary: The Patek Philippe Calatrava fake watch Ref 5227 series design elegant, understated extravagance. Watches bring us more for the eternal pursuit of quality and a long tradition of, is Patek Philippe replica watch for one of their own beyond. Watch the price of about two hundred thousand or so, a friend might like to Patek Philippe’s official sales try them, personally feel this is bound to become a new legend of the replica watch.

Patek Philippe Calatrava replica watch

Patek Philippe Calatrava replica watch

Patek Philippe replica as its own the female form adds a new member,Patek Philippe Calatrava replica series Ref. 7121 moon phase watch. Watch classic style, elegant colors, whole watch from the two main colors of gold and white composition, giving a feeling of extravagance but simple, worth the money but not too assertive. Watch with automatic mechanical movement, designed for women to create. Official Model: Ref 7121.


New best fake watch perfect blend of the traditional core brands, classic retro style case generals, equipped with sophisticated features mechanical movement with moon phase display, the bezel studded with 66 more flawless diamonds, for the world presents a paragraph ultimate elegant timepiece.
Opaline dial soft and full of femininity, fine grained texture make it more smooth and silky. 33 mm dial diameter, are moderate size, 18k gold to create a gold case, polished and detailed, bright and charming, fit to attend private and social events, business dinners, cocktail parties and formal dinners and other occasions.

Dial in soft gold applied Breguet numerals, gold hands and 66 flawless Top Wesselton diamonds bright light. The total weight of about 0.54 kt diamond, bezel embellished into the wrist miniature Milky Way, surrounded in the watch around, shining the little starlight.

Small dated 6 o’clock position relative to the window that shows you the moon phase of the subtle changes, year after year, never terminate. Powder characterization embroidered on the moon and the stars, and gold “Poire Stuart” hour and minute hands and the seconds elegant leaf constitute perfect color echo.

Classic round Patek Philippe Calatrava replica case by a Patek Philippe gold ingot using carefully crafted and polished by hand, bright and charming.

Intermediate position of the circular side of the case for the watch single crown, side carved Patek Philippe replica watches Classic logo, portrayed fine.
“Generals” type of circular side of the case, the vertical strap lugs and screws bolt, look stylish and unconventional.

Watch strap color and overall style is consistent, matt pearl beige alligator strap with rectangular scales, hand-stitched, with a 14 mm 18K gold pin buckle.

Mounted inside the watch movement Caliber 215 PS LU, using a rotary pendulum Tuo, precisely debugging, maintaining the vibration frequency of 4 Hz (28,800 vph). Printed on the movement Patek Philippe replica mark, when the table to ensure the accuracy of travel excellence and long-term reliability.

Summary: The latest PPatek Philippe Calatrava replica Ref 7121 series moon phase watch, classic style, stand the test of time. 18k gold case and pastel beige dial, diamond bezel makes the watch more attractive, compact moon phase display for the watch added a little fun. Watch priced at around two hundred thousand yuan, can now be seen in the Patek Philippe fake watches store in exquisite detail the extent of the physical, watch than you can imagine, if there are plans for his purchase and preservation of a classic replica watch President, or want to give his girlfriend a surprise men, this is a good choice.

Patek Philippe Calatrava replica watches

Patek Philippe Calatrava replica watches

The annual international jewelry replica watches Basel has opened in front of the reported mission team has started to work, they will bring you the latest tables show the fastest and most comprehensive coverage. Now let us appreciate the Patek Philippe Calatrava replica in the Basel Watch Fair’s latest watch real shot big picture.

The Patek Philippe replica in the table show the launch of Ref.6000G-012 watch, as before platinum cheap Patek Philippe replica watches Ref.6000R-001’s.

Diameter 37 mm white gold case,Patek Philippe Calatrava replica blue and silver sunburst dial, white scale transfer. Using Analog date display, 4:00 and 5:00 position with a small seconds. With rectangular scales alligator strap, hand-stitched, shiny navy blue, white gold folding clasp.
40 PS C eccentric micro Tuo self-winding movement. 22k gold pendulum Tuo to create, provide at least 38 hours up to 48 hours of power reserve.
Watch details:

730 731 732