Four Patek Philippe replica diamond watch

Four Patek Philippe replica diamond watch

Patek Philippe replica is every love table person chasing the target, whether poor or rich, I would like Patek Philippe are all human beings the ultimate watch dream, a watch, carrying jewelry, precious metals, while more is carrying mankind meaning, cultural and ideological heritage. Watchmakers to impart inspiration watch the most vivid life, watch each one is a living fossil
Patek Philippe 4897 Series 4897R-010 rose gold watch

Rose gold is more and more men appreciate, Common jewelry I just think it might be an expensive material, and Patek Philippe is decorated with precious metals as not subject. The 4897R-010 manual mechanical watch with a 33 mm diameter on the table size is very suitable for women. Inlaid with 72 diamonds on the bezel 0.47 karats of diamonds appeals to the imagination.
Patek Philippe replica 4937 Series 4937G Platinum watch

If you think just do something about diamonds on the bezel article is not enough, then this is it? Room was covered diamond lugs gestures make you more distinguished, as the classical series watch, equipped with a moon phase function allows you to communicate better with time, between the sun and the moon change, to see the passage of time, to see years old, but dream would have been extended to the end of time. Cal.324 S QA LU movement to give you ten thousand reasons to love it.
Patek Philippe 4910/10 Series 4910 / 10A-012 stainless steel watch Blu-ray Disc

Many people choose to watch because of side dish more personalized in appearance, more in a long trend. This watch uses a stainless steel bracelet and dial, but do not underestimate it, because the grinding process of steel Patek Philippe replica best is very fine, did not miss any one flaw is the Patek Philippe watchmaking standards. Tens of thousands of people make a lot of staggering price, but do not deny that this is your life yearning.
Patek Philippe 7140 replica rose gold replica watch

While this watch is equipped with a diameter of 2705 good greasy Cal.240 Q movement, While this movement in the AAA+Patek Philippe fake family has been using very skilled. Strong enough to have a function: day, week and month display, as well as the rest of the calendar and moon phase function. No one will refuse it, not only because of diamonds, but also because it Xiuwaihuizhong unique character.
Summary: diamond bezel, polished many times need to become stars in the sky? Patek Philippe fake watches  is not jewelry background, however, so I think only technical and intricate Patek Philippe watchmakers can do, like Patek Philippe watch like maybe the true sense, but just to go to the depths of the most beautiful dream.

Patek Philippe 4675 replica watch

Patek Philippe 4675 replica watch

Stopwatch is used to calculate the time interval is one of the most popular Patek Philippe 4675 replica timepiece works. Patek Philippe replica is completely self-developed high-volume chronograph movement as many as eight, not only innovation in pattern and design, functionality and appearance favorably. To celebrate the 175 anniversary of the brand was founded, Patek Philippe replica meticulously created a chronograph, its metering function is far more than other ordinary watch, more feature-rich.

From no chronograph watch can be like, like, so profound and clearly reveal the meter when the use of the product. If this function with the right combination of scale, chronograph can even become a mechanical calculator on the wrist, perform calculations based on the measurement results. As the name suggests, this “multi-scale” to commemorate the chronograph has three scale: logarithmic scale for computing speed, distance and heart rate. Until the late nineteen sixties, with tachymeter, rangefinder and pulse meter watches began to spread, widely used in professional fields. Patek Philippe 4675 replica The launch of the limited edition “multi-scale” chronograph is a chronograph function of this brand and the history of the gorgeous tribute.
For many physical units, “time” has a decisive role. Speed, however, is the distance traveled by a certain time; according to the speed of sound, you can calculate the distance; but man’s heart is also based on the number of heart beats per minute, he said. As long as there is an appropriate scale, chronograph such calculation results can be displayed directly without after obtaining readings, and then calculated.
Medicine, heart rate expressed in beats per minute. Patek Philippe replica “multi-scale” chronograph equipped with a rate of 15 beats to measure the pulse meter, you can quickly measure the heart rate without having to wait for a full minute, as long as the “multi-scale” chronograph capture 15 consecutive heartbeat, pulse meter can be displayed the number of beats per minute. Doctors rounds, hundreds of patients every day to check the heart rate, a replica watches with a pulse meter can save more than one hour of time for them every day.

Patek Philippe replica watches “multi-scale” chronograph equipped with a tachymeter 1000 meters. When the vehicle is traveling, passengers can usually after a kilometer mark at the beginning of the beginning of time, to stop the clock kilometer mark at the end. Chronograph display car through a kilometer time used, and tachymeter scale car average speed is displayed directly within the distance of. Therefore tachymeter does not directly measure the “distance”, but a known distance measuring finish time required.
best Patek Philippe replica “multi-scale” Chronograph comes in kilometers DME units, such calculations need to use two known speed, while relying on visual and sound signals. Since the light propagation velocity in the atmosphere (300,000 km / s) is far faster than the speed of sound propagation (about 333 m / s), so we always first “see” of something distant, then “hear “sound. When the nineteen sixties, this distance calculation method is still widely used in the military. For example, if after seeing the enemy muzzle flash 5 seconds to hear the guns, the enemy will show rangefinder distance: 333 m / sec x 5 second = 1675 m.
“Multi-scale” not only has a distinctive chronograph dial, the movement is also used specifically for which watch designed Caliber CH 28-520 movement. This is a self-winding movement, using the classic column wheel structure to start / stop the chronograph function; almost zero friction disc clutch to ensure that the timing can be simultaneously used as a pointer seconds of continuous operation. The accuracy of travel of this new movement is also very worthy of attention. With Patek Philippe fake watches imprint can be shown that this chronograph daily error does not exceed -3 to +2 seconds. The higher precision movement, pulse count, the more accurate the tachymeter and rangefinder display readings.

Patek Philippe 4675 replica commemorative section “multi-scale” chronograph embodies this Geneva watchmaker consistent pursuit of the perfect style, tradition, integrate innovation. Simple and elegant case designed beautifully layered lugs, low-key fixed on the outer edge of the case and the bezel, play a fixed role. This design is a bit complicated but it is very practical, to ensure that the case can be completely removed, thereby simplifying the decoration and repair process. Dial with three kinds of concentric dials, this multi-scale represents three chronograph function. Men’s replica watches from outside to inside are rangefinder, pulse count and tachymeter. Order of women watch the contrary. Ref. Men watch 5975 limited production 400, respectively, 18K gold, white gold, rose gold, and 100 using platinum material. Women’s diamond watches use long time scale, limited production 150, including white and rose gold material. All the “multi-scale” chronograph are used hand-sewn alligator leather strap with gold folding clasp, engraved with “PATEK PHILIPPE 1839 – 2014” the words, and the case perfectly.

Patek Philippe 5175 replica watches

Patek Philippe 5175 replica watches

To commemorate the 175 anniversary of the brand, Patek Philippe replica to create a time series of commemorative models Thatcher meter, where a watch is especially noteworthy. It is Patek Philippe replica watch company so far this illustrious family to build the most complicated watch, one of the most beautiful natural complex watch worldwide. This achievement is inseparable which contains a number of complex functions and high-precision watchmaking, there are two more it is the first of its kind watchmaking industry.

In addition, Grandmaster Chime is Patek Philippe replica watch‘s first double-sided watch, regardless of positive and negative, that both sides can be worn up: one side for the time display and function from the Ming, the other side is dedicated to display instantaneous jump calendar. This timepiece thanks to clever inversion means which lugs used, so the surface is very easy to flip. Surprisingly simple inversion operation, and the case can easily snap into the selected position firmly secured. Also, the time and date display, watch as the most frequently used functions are presented on both sides.


Grandmaster Chime watch is also equipped with a lot of smart devices, can prevent improper operation of the accident to protect sophisticated, containing many micro parts of mechanical movement, thus ensuring that subsection meter unparalleled ease of use, safety and reliability.

Grandmaster Chime best Patek Philippe replica watch is a very complex, time deposits and many exquisite design masterpiece wrist timepieces for the watchmaking industry process technology and elegant design sets a new benchmark. Sided case diameter 47 mm, containing four barrels and no fewer than 20 complications, including an enviable size from the Ming, the three asked, with a four-digit year display of instantaneous jump calendar, second time zone, and In the field of precedent since the Ming table two patents: Ming timekeeping clock and on-demand report date. Also it highlights the four patents Patek Philippe replica watch hidden behind innovation in this dynamic.

Grandmaster Chime best Patek Philippe replica watch is to build “smart watch” a clear example of the development of ideas. To prevent sophisticated timepiece because accidental damage improper operation, cheap Patek Philippe replica‘s engineers and technicians designed a very clever “isolators”, interrupt power transmission between different devices, or automatically stop when some other function is activated Some functions. There is no doubt, Grandmaster Chime watch is extremely easy to use the complexity of a timepiece function, while the upper case and buttons carved inscription and logo is the best guarantee of this done.

In fact, cheap Patek Philippe replica for this unique anniversary watch, devoted a lot of effort. Watch the development, manufacture and assembly of more than 100,000 hours on time-consuming manufacturing process in which it takes part in the movement alone nearly 60,000 hours. The detachment movement from 1,366 parts composition, each case also contains 214 separate components, and therefore the total number of parts Grandmaster Chime watch each costing up to 1,580 pieces. Thus, the production of seven limited edition commemorative models Patek Philippe 5175 replica watches Grandmaster Chime, a total of 11,060 pieces of carefully hand-polished parts. This seven watch history played a melodious string sound, durable reverberate.

This complication may herald hour and engraved planted in each quarter of an hour (in a small self-ming mode, Ming Daily hours only when the whole point in each moment  reported quarter). It is one of the complex functions seen in Patek Philippe watches the majority of watch fans and collectors the most hope. However, Patek Philippe 5175 replica watches has always been a clear understanding that if power can not be maintained timekeeping device storing at least one day, to watch with the size of the self-ming function becomes meaningless.


Related technology before it was published until recently. Now, with the timekeeping device-specific double-barrel, the size of self-Ming feature more than 30 consecutive hours without manual winding. Worthy of note is that this initiative is still in the Patek Philippe replica  instead of using three different Voices sound complete the next two spring herald quarter and hour case, since more than a gong every quarter hour newspaper Ming, must consume 50% more energy.

Double-barrel timekeeping device for three repeater supply energy on demand herald hour, quarter of an hour and a quarter from the previous minute. Watch connoisseur will always clear loud chime tone and Patek together. After all, it is this watchmaker in Geneva 25 years ago the director of the complex functions of the queen called back three repeater function. Alarm clock timekeeping is a perfect copy of a newspaper three repeater Naruto order and quality, Naruto newspaper preset time. This feature had never appeared in a mechanical watch, can be held to create a precedent. Grandmaster Chime overwhelmed watch the first show appearance, technology “Ming” is far from alone in this global process at.

The world’s first patent timekeeping function, from a AAA+  Patek Philippe replica‘s loyal fans a discussion with Mr. Thierry Stern, president, they just when it comes to the possibility of Ming reported date. Now, with the birth of Grandmaster Chime watch, the touch of a button to start date herald device, declaring the idea and eventually became a reality. This function uses the level of two-tone struck ten digits representing the date in order to mono treble represents the date of the single digits. Thus, a 23-month date beeps for Buzz – Buzz, then bite – bite – bite. Date timekeeping device obtained from the calendar date device information, double-sided watch specifically for display calendar side, but both sides of the watch are from the calendar date display device.

Calendar dial is very legible. Four calendar format small dial around the dial center uses gold frame four-digit year display window.


Wherein Month display at 3 o’clock, date and leap year cycle display at 6 o’clock, and the week display is located at 9 o’clock. Time is displayed in the 12 o’clock position with 24 hours and 60 minutes subdial. In addition to the four-digit year display, the other was an instantaneous jump calendar display. Terms of date, due date timekeeping must obtain accurate information, especially in a few minutes around midnight, so this is very important to synchronize instantaneous jump. Instantaneous jump date is also displayed on the other side, they are around the month of phase display at 6 o’clock. Four-digit year display can be years before and after the two buttons to adjust, has applied for patent has been granted, demonstrating the sophisticated elegance of the mechanical solutions.

When the crown pointing to the right, in addition to display the local time on the dial, while also indicating the second time zone and practical day / night indication. The dial also features the movement and timekeeping devices barrel power reserve display, winding crown position display (winding, set the alarm and set the time), timer mode selection (large self-ming, a small self-ming, mute) , and display alarm bell switch status window display timekeeping isolation device status (disabled / enabled) small round window.

Super complex function used to refer to both the number of species of highly sophisticated complex functions movement. And so on, that require expertise in the design, manufacture and decoration of master craftsmen and to create unlimited creative nature watch case can be regarded as a super complicated case. Compared to other case, Grandmaster Chime watch case is well-deserved. It took four years to develop the case alone, but the final result is this double circular watch, both sides equally complicated fine, can wear double-sided, so vividly show the beauty of the dial. In which case the secret specially designed lugs and distinctive inversion means, not only easy to operate, and can be firmly fixed after the reversal. In Grandmaster Chime watch, extraordinary skill craftsmen case, plus a master engraver spent hundreds of hours of decorative treatment, the whole case is more noble and charming.

In addition to the watch, but also with an inner pocket of relevant information and a gold commemorative medal, which lists the Patek Philippe important moments in the history of development and the White family portrait 1932 Stearns Patek Philippe since served as president.

Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime seven gold limited edition watch to celebrate the 175 anniversary of the establishment of the brand production. Six pieces will be sold to the AAA+  Patek Philippe replica has long been loyal fans and collectors, will be on permanent display in the seventh gold Patek Philippe museum for the public to visit to enjoy.

Patek Philippe 5131 replica watches

Patek Philippe 5131 replica watches

Patek Philippe replica in Geneva 175 years ago and forged a bond, and the watchmaking industry and decorative arts of marriage already more than 400 years. In turbulent history, many rare and crafts masters have found their talent in Geneva paradise, through sincere cooperation with the watchmaker, has won global acclaim. Patek Philippe replica has always attached importance to and highly professional craftsmanship to create a display of the stage, on when its all kinds of top-precious meter case, bracelet and dial widespread application of these superb technology, including carving, carving patterns, enamel (cloisonne enamel, within fill enamel, microfilm painting, transparent enamel, hollow enamel), Marquetry, jewelry craft, engraving and related skills. Even in 1950 to the 20th century, luxury Patek Philippe 5131 replica watches decorative mechanical replica watches suffered a serious decline in demand during this period, this pursuit has never changed.
1940s, Stearns family after the acquisition of Patek Philippe, began to collect these handmade masterpieces of the essence, as a witness to the peak of the decorative arts. In 2001, Patek Philippe museum opened to allow the public an opportunity to enjoy these private collection of fine timepieces, and is now the largest portable timepiece collections, its history dates back to the 16th century.
Mr. Philip Stearns honorary president of Patek Philippe and his son, the current president, Mr. Thierry Stern has clearly recognized that the process of creating such a rare and desired ultimate boutique museum alone is difficult heritage continues.


These processes need to practice every day, continuous improvement, can only be done from generation to generation. Although involving a huge business risk, but Patek Philippe was duty-bound to pay a great deal of effort to gauge enthusiasts traditionally decorated for the Geneva process in order to arouse great interest when again. Eventually, when these exquisite decorative gauge demand began to pick up. AAA+ Patek Philippe replica succeeded in recruiting these last true master of decorative arts, to persuade them to share their expertise with newcomers. Valuable process knowledge whereby salvation, at least in the next few years will not disappear. At the same time, demand is also rare and craft replica watches substantial growth, far exceeding our supply capacity, so that the buyer must adhere to the master craftsman hand-decorated Patek Philippe 5131 replica watches remain the same patient enough.

Brand was founded to commemorate the 175th anniversary, cheap Patek Philippe replica launched this year, when the use of these magnificent craftsmanship meticulously craft a variety of limited edition Rare count. Geneva’s urban landscape and its landmarks, the public and the port, is undoubtedly the most suitable for these works of decorative patterns.

To meet the 175th anniversary celebration, Patek Philippe replica began to spare no effort to find and hire the best from years ago, experts count as a true example of craftsmanship and watch technology of rare and when these forty models, including: 20 models of rare craft and replica watches 20 of the dome clock and watch with bracket. All timepieces have adopted one or more different rare processes, such as enamel, sculpture, fine wood inlay, carving patterns and precious stones mosaics.

Patek Philippe Ref.5370 replica watches

Patek Philippe Ref.5370 replica watches

Split-seconds chronograph can count measure lap times when accurate travel time (ie a reciprocating one-way time) when they are not affected, so for decades, it is Patek Philippe’s most admire and heart watches one. When Patek Philippe replica launched the first astronomical tables in the 1920s, it added a double seconds after needle function, then it popular. Therefore, sophisticated technology timing tool keen collectors and watch enthusiasts Chen Zhi expect the new Patek Philippe Ref.5370 replica split seconds chronograph watch the launch. In addition, pure black enamel dial hidden fine movement structure also cause heart.

2009, Patek Philippe replica released the CH 29-535 PS movement, which was then the representative of the highest standards and classic design principles (manual winding, column wheel, horizontal clutch) exclusive chronograph movement, which at the same time indicates that Patek will one day We will launch a CHR type of movement on its basis, which naturally represents CH timing functions, and R represents the French Rattrapante, namely two seconds after needle function. This movement eventually appeared in 2012. Patek Philippe fake watches was released Ref. 5204 split seconds chronograph also has a calendar function, so many collectors of Patek Philippe’s delight. Today, Ref. 5370 removed before adding the calendar function, become the first equipped with Patek Philippe’s CHR 29-535 PS movement split-seconds chronograph. As a measure of time to focus on watch, Patek Philippe Ref.5370 replicahighlights the unparalleled masculinity, time for cherish, value trust, tradition, functionality, precision, low-key style, classic men’s temperament, it can be said to be the best choice .
Ref. 5370 Patek Philippe replica watches is a two-button split-seconds chronograph watch new member, two chronograph function buttons to control the timing device start, stop and reset functions, yet another at the crown of a button can control two seconds after start and end pin functions. This coincided with the Ref. 5959 thin split-seconds chronograph in stark contrast, which uses continuous pressing of a single button control to start, stop and reset function (3-phase column-wheel control), and two seconds after needle Another function of a button by the individual control.

Dial design perfect interpretation of the Geneva watchmaker pursue aesthetic features: simple style, no unnecessary decoration, to ensure that users can quickly and accurately obtain the time information. Lengthening leaf pointer and Baijinbao Breguet numerals with a phosphor coating to make time very legible. Slim chronograph hand, rhodium-plated stainless steel double seconds after needle, and 30-minute timer instantaneous jump platinum chronograph minute hand, plus stark contrast to the white scale and dial a black background, reading timing function to ensure clear legibility. Color of the dial is not an ordinary black, but only pure enamel material that has the black ink. Respected traditional design make this chronograph not only inherited the best Patek Philippe  replica early pocket watch features, but also reflects the origin Stearns brothers acquired Patek Philippe replica watches in 1932, when, Stearns brothers with its famous dial factory “Cadrans Stern Frères” Country dial in fine watchmaking circles highly respected.
Whether then or now, enamel dial on the dial are the ultimate test of the manufacturer process. First, powder coated in black enamel on gold dial Patek Philippe Ref.5370 replica-seconds chronographs table. 850 ° C and then placed inside the kiln firing, so that the enamel melts, the use of controlled cooling technology to make it gradually cooled and solidified as a glassy coating. Such processed enamel will be showing a deep black ink, like now in Greece unearthed ancient enamel crafts, can generations. At this time, artisans must carefully drilled in the brittle enamel surface pores to press-fit chi Baijinbao block. Black enamel and white in stark contrast to the scale of the transfer, including the 1,000 meters as a reference tachymeter. This not only highlights which split-seconds chronograph extraordinary mechanical properties, but also significantly improve the masculinity of the watch.

Patek Philippe fake watches independently design and manufacture of CHR 29-535 PS movement had just launched the watch comes with a calendar function. Now, is committed to the integration of traditional and innovative best Patek Philippe  replica, launched pure-seconds chronograph with perpetual calendar function is not bound to make the pursuit of simple pure collectors are very pleased. In the opinion of many fans, using column wheel and horizontal clutch control device manual winding movement is still a mechanical timepiece a symbol mark. In the 21st century is to maintain the fine tradition of Patek its full range of upgrades, add a number of patented innovations, which make the movement a two-second chronographs field the most advanced classics.

Patek Philippe Calatrava replica watches

Patek Philippe Calatrava replica watches

The annual international jewelry replica watches Basel has opened in front of the reported mission team has started to work, they will bring you the latest tables show the fastest and most comprehensive coverage. Now let us appreciate the Patek Philippe Calatrava replica in the Basel Watch Fair’s latest watch real shot big picture.

The Patek Philippe replica in the table show the launch of Ref.6000G-012 watch, as before platinum cheap Patek Philippe replica watches Ref.6000R-001’s.

Diameter 37 mm white gold case,Patek Philippe Calatrava replica blue and silver sunburst dial, white scale transfer. Using Analog date display, 4:00 and 5:00 position with a small seconds. With rectangular scales alligator strap, hand-stitched, shiny navy blue, white gold folding clasp.
40 PS C eccentric micro Tuo self-winding movement. 22k gold pendulum Tuo to create, provide at least 38 hours up to 48 hours of power reserve.
Watch details:

730 731 732

Patek Philippe replica automatic return  watches

Patek Philippe replica automatic return watches

The annual international jewelry replica watches Basel has opened in front of the watch house mission report team has started to work, they will bring you the latest tables show the fastest and most comprehensive coverage. Now let us appreciate the Patek Philippe replica in the Basel Watch Fair’s latestbest swiss replica watch real shot big picture.
Patek Philippe replica in the 2014 release of Basel Ref.5496P-014 is I prefer a best swiss replica watch, color is very lovable. The new Ref.5496R-001 for the rose gold models, and change the color of the dial, equally elegant and beautiful.

39.5 mm case diameter, Patek Philippe replica automatic return  watches date hand calendar. Applying a window display week, month, leap year. Pale dial and gold applied hour-markers, 6:00 bit moon phase display, large second hand reading simple design. Light brown alligator leather strap with rectangular scales handmade, with rose gold folding clasp.

324 S QR automatic movement, at least 35 hours up to 45 hours of power reserve.
Watch details:

694695 696697698

The new 2014 Patek Philippe replica watch

The new 2014 Patek Philippe replica watch


Baselworld 2014 has already begun, known as the king of the watches, Patek Philippe replica has brought us a lot of new replica watch, then let us follow the mission team sent back images together to enjoy a new fake watch.

649 650 651
Disk offers two different colors, above 2014 Basel Information reported by the replica watch in front of the house staff as we carefully prepared, after a time, we will continue to offer more and more intuitive show reports, please everyone’s attention.

652 653 654

2015 replica watches the subversion

2015 replica watches the subversion


When the picture of this Patek Philippe replica watch is just beginning to spread in my circle of friends, when most people thought it was money or ordinary military pilot replica watch table without opening it, and the reason I point to open it but also because the sentence ” Let 5146 Tremble “, was also like, a military form and best Patek Philippe replica have anything to do, they can point the curious when I open this picture, can not help out a sentence, it will not be PS it.

Finally, through the dial functional layout inference, it confirmed this is indeed a Patek Philippe replica, its name is 5524, and its inspiration is the source of that year Patek test done two flight table, the case has been completely redesigned, in rough exterior perfect with impeccable detail.

Movement, the table is equipped with 324 well-known movement when PP-based two functional movement, polished indeed unique, this table is introduced to meet the people both look like the military form, and feel military cheap fake watch movement is not perfect requirements, this table is definitely regarded as the year’s most subversive cheap replica watches.

Then the king of the table, the focus of attention will naturally fall to another brand, and that is a Rolex, although long-awaited ceramic steel Di did not occur, but this new fake watch yachts bring you surprise absolutely larger than the former , red gold, rubber strap, matt ceramic bezel, I believe I do not need to explain it.

When the Rainbow Di indeed captured the hearts of countless men and women, and now also launched a colorful Rolex replica Oyster, and more this table launched a new movement called the 3325, how, under enough of this bar.

Last year, he captured the hearts of countless men Cellini new, but this year’s version is also the diamond ladies dreaming it?

Omega “The Dark Side” was introduced, we were surprised to its ceramic case, but when this white ceramic diamond version appeared, we realized that Omega now scales could be so big.

For this year’s Tudor, I would say really love you, you finally have a fully-grown movement, it seems not all rivers and lakes rumors do not fly, not only movement is the new appearance but also have done so handsome .

This new movement Tudor model MT5621, power reserve 70 hours, we take a closer look at its deck plate road feel that some familiar, the plot you have to be careful, now Tudor has Niaoqianghuanpao.

With the supervision of Mr. Beaver, changes Hoya or obvious, this new Carrera hollow in the blood flow into the Unico began to become more maverick.

Ceramic materials has been known for radar in recent years will always continue to give us surprises, this brown ceramic with red gold scale and crown absolutely memorable.


Athens last year added after KERING seems pretty fight, this new watch is definitely black and green as against LVMH Group in those brand personality big kill.

I believe I should not have said, who would not think of this in the end is which brand of beautiful replica watches, the brand is all woman’s favorite – Chanel, this is a fine jewelry Chanel replica launched a new watch collection. This comet themed jewelry works its dial and bracelet set with a total 2,319 brilliant-cut diamonds (41.52 kt), 34 baguette-cut sapphire (about 1.83 kt), 5 brilliant-cut sapphire (about 0.43 kt), 2 baguette-cut diamonds (approximately 0.24 kt) and a brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 1 kt), read these figures, I think I will not explain why it Duang up. If we get enough, please always pay attention to the watch house 2015 Basel Watch Fair special.

Patek Philippe replica watch Ref.130

Patek Philippe replica watch Ref.130

Switzerland May 2015 local time 8:56 the evening of 10 points, a Patek Philippe replica watch Ref.130, PHILLIPS auction in steel wristwatch created a world auction record: a small size of 35mm chronograph steel table to $ 5,000,000 including commission hammer turnover, namely more than 30 million yuan!

It’s just a steel table, not through the back end, if not completely unable to get a glimpse of openings movement. Years old, has been significantly mottled, also have traces of the years on the dial. It is produced in 1927, the most flashy and extravagant century before 1929-1933 economic crisis. It is only 35mm, and now, only a girl “little hands” wearing the watch size.

However, it comes from Patek Philippe replica watch Ref.130, it is almost unique, although there are similar sisters table in the museum, of course, it itself is a museum-level collections. Although it is only 35mm, but in the 1920s that period, 35mm watch is large (mostly male table size is only 30-33mm). Capable of producing at that time, and now to 35mm size can also be worn on the wrist men will not “too small” rare vintage watch, not much. Therefore, this model Ref.130 of Patek Philippe antique table has been highly sought after record breaking auction records.

Single appreciate the perspective from the original look and function point of view, this watch is also close to perfection: Doctor pulse table, chronograph originally beautiful in design, and crown one of the single-button chronograph function and operate it from a technical and the movement produced a lot of complexity. The operation is very simple and comfortable. Even senior watch Friends, have not seen such a one-button operation plus transfer time counting function, or even do not understand so simple crown, how to make the operation timing and adjust the time together to achieve.

Some exaggeration, but also to the general love to Patek Philippe replica watch Ref.130 people do not understand is: It’s just a piece of steel sheet, not gold red gold, platinum platinum is not just a piece of steel after cutting the 1920s to make a replica watches, and valuable precious metal completely nothing to do. Why is it so expensive?

Collections, rare in the final decision is the most deadly elements. Patek Philippe antique steel table, already Rare.

Of course Ref130 itself rare and a 1944 system, Ref130 platinum article, in 2002 sold 291 million francs of high prices.

Ultimately, this rare replica watches, including commission $ 5 million (more than 30 million yuan) auction hammer. Only this Patek Philippe replica watch on the auction process lasted 20 minutes, the asking price of about 600,000 Swiss francs from the beginning cried out, then several rounds of fare increases to over 2 million, after two million, there are four from different countries Sign in phone call competition.

Over one million, over two million, over three million, four million Swiss francs during fast approaching, the audience applause breaking out, after the applause is waiting with bated breath and whispering the new bid. For the first time people came to the auction, such experiences are rare. This is the time to witness the duel really big collectors and wealth. Buy a few one million yuan a table many people, buying nearly ten million people and tens of millions more Patek Philippe replica watch on the few, but can sell tens of millions of fans as a steel best replica watches while people in this world can only say that very few, rare and the same.

30 million RMB Patek Philippe replica watch Ref.130 of the bid, and finally by a third from the left, the only bow in a telephone conversation secretly entrusted Chinese girl call out. Asian buyers are bits.