Patek Philippe cheap replica watches

Patek Philippe replica watches is discharging a huge number of new convoluted cheap replica watches at Baselworld 2016, including, most remarkably, its first timepiece containing both a world-time sign and a chronograph. As Patek fans will have generally expected, the Patek Philippe Ref. 5390G World Time Chronograph likewise highlights an altogether new in-house development.

Patek Philippe replica Ref. 5390G

Notwithstanding being the main Patek Philippe watch with this specific blend of capacities, Patek says it is likewise the most slender such watch in that class, measuring barely short of 13 mm thick. The cycle, 18k white gold case is 39.5 mm in measurement and has a sapphire caseback. The case consolidates components of a few traditional Patek swiss replica watches of the past, including the smooth outline of the Bauhaus-roused Ref. 96 from 1932 and the winglet-style strap drags found on models of the 1940s and 1950s.

The three-zone dial joins blue and gleaming components, richly organizing the showcase of the nearby time and in addition that of the other 23 world time zones at the same time and the chronograph readouts. The peripheral ring is a blue circle with 24 world city names for the 24 time zones; one level underneath it is a white chronograph scale isolated into 1/4-second additions. Underneath that is a 24-hour ring, isolated into splendid and dim zones (alongside sun and moon images) for day-night sign. At last, the focal point of the dial is enhanced with a striking, physically executed guilloché design.

The assembling development driving the watch’s variety of capacities is swiss replica Patek Philippe Caliber CH 28-520 HU, with programmed winding and an incorporated chronograph with segment wheel control and a vertical grasp. The chronograph begin, stop, and zero-reset pushers are in their conventional positions at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock, while an additionsl pusher at 10 o’clock controls the simple to-use world-time work: every press of this pusher at the same time propels the hour hand and both world-time scales in one-hour increases without upsetting the exactness of the development. Like all Patek Philippe bores subsequent to 2009, it meets the stringent in-house gauges of Patek Philippe’s own particular quality trademark.

The Patek Philippe cheap replica watches Ref. 5930G World Time Chronograph goes ahead a hand-sewed, llarge-scale matte naval force blue croc strap with a white-gold Calatrava-style fold-over fasten. It will retail in the U.S. for roughly $73,700. Underneath please locate some live photographs taken at Patek’s presentation of the watch at Baselworld 2016.

Patek Philippe replica Annual Calendar Ref. 5396

Patek Philippe replica Annual Calendar Ref. 5396

In the long course of human history and culture, the recording time is more important than the whole year of record single-day sense of time. People sunrise and sunset, you can easily estimate the approximate amount of time according to the light intensity.


Today, however, if there is no utility, only the passage of each day record with chalk or charcoal on the wall, it is difficult to grasp the changes throughout the year. Ephemeris until the emergence of the people to be able to reliably track time throughout the year depending on the position of celestial bodies. For example, Stonehenge (about 3000 BC) this monumental building, or the Nebra sky disk (about 2000 BC) this handy tool. Thus, one can predict several weeks in advance of the beginning of the spring, in order to prepare farmers plow sowing. The arrival of winter can be alerted in advance, people can be arranged in advance, in order to cope with winter. In early societies, the calendar is very important for the survival of those able to develop, read and interpret calendar people have enjoyed significant social prestige and huge wealth. The importance of the calendar from Julius Caesar (Julius Caesar) to implement the Julian calendar evident. According to the Julian calendar, every four years there is a leap year, which is the number of days in a year will be more than a day increased to 366 days, so as to enhance the long-term accuracy of the system. Nevertheless, the long years, inaccuracies continue to accrue, after centuries of error will result in a larger date. In 1582, Pope Gregory XIII (Pope Gregory XIII) of the Julian calendar to make new amendments.

Revision calendar from October 1582 overnight into Thursday, 4 October 15, 1582 Friday, skip the whole ten days. Gregory also abolished the leap day a few hundred years, but those can be divisible by 400 years (ie 1600, 2000, 2400 ……) still retains. Gregorian calendar (Gregorian calendar) was born, still in use. At the same time, however, still necessary to insert a leap second time to correct irregularities in astronomical time, most recently inserted leap second time June 30, 2015 23:59:59 UTC time. Because this correction method always involves the risk of information technology, people are actively discussing the abolition of leap seconds, and insert a leap in 2600 when a whole.


Mechanical Calendar

Mechanical calendar simply, is a very slow operation timepiece, through a reduction gear, the seconds, minutes and hours went by into days and months and years go by. A mechanical timing equipment stimulate the swiss replica watches constantly try new things, which is not surprising. For example, they tried to make it not only displays the time, but also shows the date, week, month, year, zodiac, and different seasons. Initially, a large bell tower is the object of such conduct experiments, such as the 16th century, Bern’s famous clock tower; later, experiments in smaller grandfather clock, a table clock, pocket replica watches and conduct. Released soon after the first watch, Patek Philippe replica watches launched the first calendar watch: Stunning No. 97975 replica watches(existing in the Patek Philippe Museum exhibits number Inv.P-72), published in 1925. The watch can display the date, week and month, and in addition to 30 days and 31 days can distinguish the month, it’ll also automatically recognizes leap year. After the introduction of the world’s first, Patek Philippe replica has introduced a variety of calendar watch, by the connoisseurs and collectors of the pro-Lai. Perpetual Calendar timepiece undoubtedly the pinnacle of Calibre 89 watch. In 1989, to commemorate the company’s 150th anniversary, Patek Philippe has created four Calibre 89, as well as a prototype table, this kind of performance on display in the Patek Philippe Museum. The pocket watch in addition to compliance with the rules of a leap year, but also comply with the rules of the Gregorian calendar, and can even show changes in the date of Easter. However, the design and manufacture of extremely complex perpetual calendar watch, few customers have the privilege of speaking their Hozawa. On the other hand, display the date only (sometimes also shows a week) mechanical watches, while the wearer needs a few days less than 31 days of the month for date display for manual adjustment is still very popular.


Patek Philippe replica watches Annual Calendar Patent: excellent practical complications

In 1992, the head and president of Patek Philippe replica filet Stearns (Philippe Stern) asked his engineers to develop a calendar means to fill gaps calendar simple and sophisticated machinery between the calendar. This will be a calendar replica watches, can automatically distinguish between 30 days and 31 days of the month, just in time to enter the March from February be adjusted. Announcing the plan, he expressed the hope that this calendar watch can become a reliable performance, easy operation model.
By 1994, the end of the decisive stages of development, can already filed a patent for an important principle and mechanical design. Followed by modeling, wrist test, Chronofiable testing, as well as numerous quality and accuracy assessment. Finally, in 1996 the Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show (now the English called Baselworld), the first Ref. 5035 Annual Calendar stunning debut in public, in front of partners, experts and competitors. Ref. 5035 has been widely praised, and was voted the 1997 Watch of the Year. Its success continues to this day, Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Advanced watchmaking industry has become extremely popular Patek Philippe replica watches series. Today, the Patek Philippe watch industry as a whole is, Ref 5035 Annual Calendar is recognized when the first practical complications meter: meter practical everyday functions such complex, long-term to maintain a high degree of reliability and ease of operation . Watch every day wear and use of such people is undoubtedly the biggest beneficiaries.

To replace the gear forks

Reliability of the device depends on the calendar configuration for a patent, which for advanced calendar structurally equivalent to a revolution. This can be understood from the literal meaning, because Patek Philippe calendar manufacturer do not use a calendar watch popular rocker and fork, but on rotating parts. Rotary motion than movement rocker and forks easier to adjust and control, leading to long-term reliability.

Rich combination

In addition, Patek Philippe calendar means from the outset was designed as a stand-alone mechanical components. If desired, it can be adapted to a wide variety of installed base and swiss replica watchesthe movement. Over the past 20 years, the calendar device has demonstrated its diversity, has been placed in 21 different models of Patek Philippe replica watches: with or without moon phase display with 24 hours and / or power reserve display with timer function with three repeater function, and soft diamond ladies replica watches, etc., the list goes on.

Innovation Challenge

Innovative device calendar from the leading edge of the “Patek Philippe Advanced Research” project, also get a glimpse, in the project, a revolutionary material science and technology research and development to get mature. One technique to focus on a silicone material called “Silinvar®” over the past decade, the material in the precision watchmaking industry, energy efficiency, lifetime and reliability defines a new standard. Patek Philippe replica developed Silinvar® escapement wheel, Spiromax® Pulsomax® balance spring and escapement device is an industry initiative, and are mounted in a limited edition watch available. Calendar device has become the carrier of advanced components, this is the original device as well as its important role in the development of Patek Philippe in tribute to this.

Smart Watches

Patek Philippe replica watches calendar set practicality, reliability, and innovation in a structured, such “smart” replica watches in 1996, the advent of great historical significance. Of course, the “intelligent” understanding of the term, should more appropriately as “delicate.” Latest swiss replica watches in this category is the Patek Philippe replica Ref. 5396 Annual Calendar.

Patek Philippe replica watch Master Ref. 6300

Patek Philippe replica watch Master Ref. 6300

Masters  cheap replica watches Ref. 6300 is a new super-complicated watches, ranked first in the current Patek Philippe Grand Complications replica watches production. The watch has a 20-sided complex functions, includes five timekeeping function, wherein the function is a world first two patents. While this watch with gold case, equipped with the patented turning device, can make either side of the dial-up wear.

The new master  swiss replica watches Ref. 6300 of the same name is different from the commemorative wristwatch Ref. 5175, which is equipped with original hand-carved rose gold case, limited edition 7. The new masters of  watch with gold case, Paris hobnail pattern with hand-carved, and the conventional home Patek Philippe replica watches collection. Of course, the process of creating a master sonometer watch still spend a lot of time, so that Ref. 6300 holding rare. The root table using a three spring timekeeping, by large or small sonnerie sonnerie automatic timekeeping device once every 15 minutes, or by three repeater function when you need accurate timekeeping to minute, but also as an alarm clock at a preset time alarm sound; you can also press a longer interval of time, that is, when required by the date herald device prompts the exact date. These herald function modes are displayed in the same side of the dial, this side also simultaneously display the time, second time zone, moon phase, date, power reserve and power movement and timekeeping device storage. The other side of the dial display calendar. Its central display four-digit years, surrounded by four auxiliary Dial: Analog date with leap year cycle display at 6 o’clock, week display at 9 o’clock, month display at 3 o’clock, 24-hour display at 12 o’clock position.

Manual winding movement GS AL 36-750 QIS FUS IRM is the history of Patek Philippe’s most complicated watch movement, comprising 1,366 pieces of parts, between two gold dial operation. Movement Power is stored in two double barrel, one of the movement continued for 72 hours; the other can provide power for 30 hours timekeeping mechanism. Movement with a plurality of auxiliary devices to improve ease of use, and to prevent accidental erroneous operation watch damaged. Exquisite carving patterns and adjust buttons come with the iconic, showed each individual function mode (timekeeping mode, alarm switch, crown position, etc.) on the dial.

The new Patek Philippe fake watches master string sounds Ref. 6300 in 18K white gold case, Paris hobnail pattern with hand-carving, a turning device hidden between lugs. Dial side is black with white markers and white gold hands and transfer time scale, also decorated with hand-carved Paris hobnail patterns. The other side is white, with black markers and hands. Which watch with black crocodile leather strap, the use of platinum folding clasp.

Patek Philippe replica wtches  Ref. 5930

Patek Philippe replica wtches Ref. 5930

Since glimpse 1940s, watch connoisseurs finally able to witness two complex functions of Patek Philippe replica re-established in harmony –Ref. 5930 World Time Chronograph. This swiss replica watches masterpiece debut will cause great interest at the top meter collectors and enthusiasts. Today, Patek Philippe World Time Chronograph Ref.5930 these two complement each other perfectly complex functions into one.
Prior to this, Patek Philippe replica watches had only 70 years ago to build a World Time Chronograph. Development has two mechanical devices are very accurate, but also more complex, and therefore to integrate these two complex functions with a natural movement more difficult.

It has always been able to develop a show all 24 time zones of the “sun” Chronograph, this is definitely an adventure in the watch internal spatial arrangement. This will undoubtedly increase the time to explore the world watch the manufacturing process more difficult. According to Patek Philippe imprint requirements, the thinner the more elegant cheap replica watches more superior, self-winding watch is no exception. At the same time, Patek Philippe and never will be thin in order to pursue, while the quality and accuracy of the movement away any compromise. This is why each one of the new Patek Philippe watches are subject to meticulous testing for several months, and the only way to ensure long-lasting reliability and accuracy of their travel time. The new World Time Chronograph Ref. 5930 has passed all the stringent tests.

The new CH 28-520 HU world from the mechanical movement with column wheel and vertical clutch control means CH 28-520 PS self-winding chronograph movement, and made according to the thirties Geneva watchmaker Lousi Cottier’s philosophy time module. Patek Philippe further optimized for this device, respectively, in 1959 and 1999 with two major improvements patented.

World time function is also very convenient: the hour and minute hands mark the time dial 12 corresponding to the location of the premises when the city’s time zone. Other time 23 time zones can be quickly learned by color scale ring 24 hours when the city disc and indicate corresponding urban area day and night conditions. When you enter a time zone from the adjacent time zone, simply tap the button at 10 position adjustment, the city disc and 24-hour ring rotates counterclockwise one hour each scale, the clock will be turned clockwise for one hour. When the destination time zone name on behalf of the city go to the 12 o’clock position, calibration is complete. In this process, world time mechanism and the hour will be separated with the movement, thus rotating balance wheel swing and minute hands are not affected. Chronograph hand is also without any exception, continue to maintain normal operation.
Swiss replica Patek Philippe World Time Chronograph Ref. 5930 officially listed in 2016, the release of the table using white gold case with a blue hand-carving pattern dial. Strap the matt navy blue alligator with rectangular scales and hand-sewn to match the color of the dial. Calatrava 18K white gold folding clasp ensures a comfortable wrist firmly surround the wrist.

Patek Philippe replica watches Ref. 5230

Patek Philippe replica watches Ref. 5230

Patek Philippe World Time watch collectors has been called “Heure Universelles (world time),” it is one of the most popular Patek Philippe complicated cheap replica watches, has been nearly 80 years of history. Recently, the names of some time zone has changed, or replaced by a new name, the Basel International Watch Fair is undoubtedly Patek Philippe showing the new World Time watch Ref. Ideal platform for 5230, the table replace the world’s previous schedule section. This change also redesigned Patek Philippe exquisite case, dial and pointer provides an excellent opportunity.

To the Earth is divided into 24 time zones, each spanning 15 time zones longitude, it seems easy, but the political process behind it is quite complex. Some names of the two time zones simultaneously in different cities named, for example, Dubai (Dubai) and Riyadh (Riyadh) time zone, or Brisbane (Brisbane) and Noumea (Noumea) time zone. Previously, Moscow region located UTC + 4, but now “return” UTC + 3 region, with Western European Time becomes nearly 1 hour. This change must lead us to modify the name of the city World Time watch dial ring on the city from time to time. Accordingly, Patek Philippe decided to stop production before the introduction of the long-world time replica watches, pending new building Ref. 5230 released to market. The new World Time cheap replica watches is able to provide all the world’s time zones have been properly certified city name.

For Patek Philippe replica, this is also a chance to re-design world time watch appearance, clever details to look trim, so that it belongs to show the contemporary charm. Under CEO Mrs. Sandrine Stearns (Sandrine Stern), led the design department from Patek Philippe decades world-renowned traditional elements draw inspiration. The new Ref. 5230 World Time watch with white or rose gold (5N) steel case, with a wing lugs, narrow and smooth bezel so that the table apart from the ancient world time watch. Pointer with a new style: no longer a solemnity cyclic hour and minute hands toffee, instead of using the “Southern Cross” shape squelette hour and minute hands diamond outline. Two pointer between the two sides fine chamfered edge has a sharp central projection. They are rod-shaped hour markers are made of 18K white or rose gold (5N) material, the same as with the case.
The title pun. It represents the swiss replica Patek Philippe watchmaking workshop has brought together the industry’s top decoration craft watchmaking center since 1839 was established. It also means that the center of world time cheap replica watches dial is the perfect stage to show a variety of traditional craftsmanship. Patek Philippe World Time watch dial decorated with cloisonné enamel map of world-renowned. Other World Time watch dial center is decorated with hand-carved patterns, now, Ref. 5230 World Time watch black dial center with braided ripple pattern. This carving patterns on the inspiration from the Patek Philippe museum exhibition of a precious pocket watch, which carved the land also comes with a transparent blue enamel coating. Patek Philippe still hold these rare and almost extinct crafts, and has been carefully guard these precious technologies and expertise to ensure that they can be handed down. The same is true for tabulation equipment. For example, the manual carving carving tools used to create the dial pattern for nearly a hundred years of history. But it stopped working hard, accurate and reliable as ever
World Time watch has never been more important in our global network of life. We flew around the world, and people around the world online dialogue, international trade, intellectual and share worldwide. Therefore, we need to understand the time time travel destination, or dialogue with the people of our region. Patek Philippe World Time watch is the perfect realization of this function: to allow all 24 world time zones at a glance. Local time is displayed most clearly, when the top of the red arrows to specify the name of the city at 12 o’clock, the hour and minute hands that is a traditional form of presentation time. In the other 23 time zones, you can directly read time in 24-hour ring, the ring is rotated in the city scale the inside of the disc counterclockwise. Minute hands mark the time in each time zone are the same.
This unique creative world time indicator by the Geneva watchmaker Louis Cottier invention in the 1930s. Patek Philippe then to improve on that device, and patented. Upon arrival at a different time zone, you just press the continuous case is located at 10 position of the button, the corresponding city name and the location of 12 red arrows aligned. Each time the button is pressed, the clock will go forward one hour, while the city and 24-hour ring disc rotates counterclockwise one hour. In this process, the time zone separating means with the movement, in order to ensure accurate operation of the minute hand, and the balance wheel amplitude affected. Time for all 24 time zones are displayed accurately stringent accuracy requirements Patek Philippe imprint.
. The new Ref 5230 watch will replace all legacy Patek Philippe World Time watches, there are two styles available: 18K rose gold and 18K white gold. Both cities are using dial with white disc, a 24-hour ring with a color display and a day and night of the sun and moon signs, and a black center dial with exquisite hand-carved patterns on the. The only difference is that the two markers and hands, and were used as case of 18K gold material. Two models are equipped with hand-sewn alligator with rectangular scales chunk strap and folding clasp Calatrava. White gold bracelet bright black, with 18K gold clasp; rose gold to chocolate brown strap with 18K rose gold buckle.

2016 Basel International cheap replica Watch and Jewellery Show

2016 Basel International cheap replica Watch and Jewellery Show

Patek Philippe replica to bring five new debut in 2016 as the Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show. The first complex feature set for a new two-in-one favored, will become the year’s first big surprise. Followed by Patek Philippe replica watches to celebrate its widely acclaimed calendar watch and for the twentieth anniversary of the birth of a special design. Also announced one by one the other three masterpieces: the third gold for women and for the slender wrist, the enduring classic fourth gold further carving, fifth gold again prove complex functions of cheap  Patek Philippe  replica unmatched.

1425 1426
Mechanical timepiece enthusiasts, collectors and connoisseurs will certainly pass swiss replica Patek Philippe World Time Chronograph Ref. 5930 Fengruo treasure. It uses Patek Philippe World Time and patented device self-winding chronograph movement, with round white gold case, blue dial is decorated with hand-carved central pattern.

Annual Calendar Ref. 5396, elegant posture commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the birth of calendar watch (it successful launch since the beginning of the 1996 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show Ref. 5035 Annual Calendar watch, a few months after it has been selected as When the “watch of the year”). Since then, the Annual Calendar launched 21 models, a variety of dial styles of platinum, gold, platinum and rose gold watch list goes on, with a mother of pearl dial women’s diamond watch is compelling. Today, the new Ref. 5396 watch is the first 22 members of the family.

For women slender wrist Calatrava “eternal white” Ref. 7122 watch for ladies endorsement. White dial highlight the timeless beauty and innovation gems mosaics make more dazzling white diamonds, elegant case design is its charm.

For political motives, the official name of the city after several changes of world time zones, world time watch tick time zone also need to be adjusted accordingly. Patek Philippe to take this opportunity to re-carve the world time watch dial and case, the new Ref. 5230 watches came into being, replacing all previous World Time watch.

In addition, conventional Patek Philippe fake watches complexity king this year officially changed hands. Novel and unique string sound master cheap replica watch Ref. 6300, including five kinds of timekeeping has a total of 20 functions, including complex functions, become a regular series of new king. Its case is decorated with hand-carved Paris hobnail patterns, different from the limited edition 7, hand-carved white gold case limited edition cheap replica watches master string sounds Ref. 5175.

Patek Philippe Replica  my Favorite

Patek Philippe Replica my Favorite

I don’t know about you guys, but I always loved Patek Philippe replica watches for a variety of reason. First and probably the most obvious, I love the originals – who doesn’t by the way – but I honestly couldn’t spend that much on a watch, even if I could afford it. Especially if we’re talking about some highly complicated model from the Complicated or Grand complication collection, which sell for over 100K, sometimes reaching even 7 figures or more.

I think this is the first Top 3 Patek Philippe replica watches india article, so I’m a little excited to share with you guys some photos of my favorite Pateks. I hope you’ll enjoy the read and as always, I’m waiting for your feedback.
By the way, these Patek Philippe replica ebay are in no particular order, I find them all great.

From all Patek Philippe replica , I think the Nautilus is the most popular one, at least at the moment. I’m not surprised to be honest, because it has some killer looks, both vintage and modern. The dial catches the eyes in a second, changing its color very much depending on the dial. The simple hands, hour marks and date window compliment the intricate bracelet and dial in such a nice way.
I think you’ll agree with me when I say it’s an awesome timepiece for everyday wear but it can go just as good with a suit or something more formal.


There’s even a Patek Philippe Nautilus chronograph replica, but I prefer this one to be honest. If you want to find out more specs about it, you should check out my Patek Philippe Nautilus replica review, where you’ll also find more photos, including one with the awesome back case.
Because all this and because it is almost impossible to tell it is a fake, the Nautilus has earned its place in my Patek Philippe replica watches Top 3.
I’ve always felt a rivalry between Patek and Vacheron watches, especially when it’s about simple, almost understated watches.
That’s exactly the case with the Patek Philippe Calatrava replica in the picture above. The dial is clean and simple but very striking at the same time, having those stones as hour marks. Classy bling will always leave a great impression if you know how to wear it.
The Patek Philippe Calatrava replica may not be exactly an everyday watch, but each time when I decide to wear it, I feel such good vibes coming out of it.

This too, considering it’s one of the simpler Patek Philippe replica watches nautilus, is very hard to tell apart from an original one, especially since there are so many variations of the model.
This Perpetual Calendar Chronograph is one of those Pateks that would certainly sell for some absurd price, in the like of hundred thousand big ones.
This Patek Philippe Grand Complications replica is not only so much fun to wear, but very useful. The movement is a Japanese automatic and to my surprise when I’ve bought it, every complication works. You have the year and month at 12 o’clock, date at 3, military hour at 6 and finally, the day at 9 o’clock.
It also made the top 3 because as opposed to other Patek Philippe replica watches aaa, it is somewhat bulky in size, and you know me, I’m always a sucker for a bigger timepiece.

Favorite Patek Philippe replica

Favorite Patek Philippe replica


With age, the more intoxicated can play with things, such as mechanical watches, such as manual camera; and Patek Philippe replica uk watches, the more addicted to simple models, such as these two: 5227G and 5711 / 1A, are simple models, all sweep, are considered entry-level small table.



5227 replica watches classical amplifier, amazing and delicate to use the gas field is very strong, playing up obsessed generals bottom; 5711 also has casual fashion, highly recognizable, as this series 70’s playing time advertising slogan – both diving gear , but also a tuxedo, but with the change of the color temperature of the light disk from gray to blue, full texture. I was lucky to have them within a month, one in Taipei, one in Beijing, are among the accident, really a little fate. Ever since these two Patek Philippe replica nautilus, the other did not watch it basically started over, it was said that the two tables on the chain movement louder, but I particularly obsessed with the sound of this great accuracy in the chain, just as the sounds of nature. In fact, Patek Philippe replica watches to me, on time or not does not matter, I was not into it to see the time, but to collection time, memory retention and decorate mood. Man of few words said on a few pictures.


Patek Philippe Nautilus steel section replica watches

Patek Philippe Nautilus steel section replica watches

Recently, after I learned that the Swiss replica watches brand Patek Philippe replica 2015, after two price adjustment (price cuts in March, a slight pullback in September), the current price of watches under the brand compared to 2015, has been more substantial price adjustment before prices, part of the fake watches fell as much as 15% or more, in which classic style steel models Nautilus 5711 and 5712 there was no cash, you need to wait for the arrival of the delivery of the deposit.
Patek Philippe Nautilus series 5711 / 1A-010 watch

Early last year, affected by the sharp appreciation of the Swiss franc, the Swiss major groups and brands which made a lot of response measures, including some brands in the euro area market prices, price cuts and other measures in Asia, especially in China and Hong Kong. Patek Philippe fake made earlier pricing strategy, in March 2015 in Hong Kong and China have carried out price, 5711 / 1A when the price was reduced to 185,900 Hong Kong dollars. Before prices, 5711 / 1A watch in the country is 222,700 yuan official price, after the price correction in September and, at present, the public price of this watch is 187,100 yuan, to further stimulate the market in 2015 sales of cold. As prices fall, and watch for the classic introductory paragraph, which is currently watch whether Beijing or Shanghai, Patek Philippe Di source, no spot, reservation required to wait 1-3 months.
Patek Philippe Nautilus series 5712 / 1A-001 watch

Also not in stock, there are only nautilus moon phase watch, this watch is the Patek Philippe replica swiss very popular style. After last year’s price adjustment, the current public price of the watch is 250,300 yuan, the price difference with the original well over 15%. It is understood that Nautilus steel wristwatch little spot, under normal circumstances need to book to get. After the price adjustment, Hong Kong and the domestic currency factors aside public price synchronization, however, affected by the exchange rate, which watches HHR official price difference is still 50,000 yuan.
After the 2015 price, Patek Philippe replica uk watches price cut should be said is relatively large, according to the appreciation of the Swiss franc, the dual pressures brought about by the devaluation, theoretically watch prices may increase, however, is not optimistic about the market and the first few in almost every year a high price strategy, obviously we can not continue to price increases, but the price is more urgent. In addition, the puzzle is, since the need to pay a deposit to book, then at least the country should be unified, but the ratio of the amount of deposit Beijing Qianmen Patek Philippe replica watches uk Di source gives 10% of the public price, while the proportion of Shanghai is given 25 %, and expressly Patek Philippe deposit can not be 10% of the public price.