Patek Philippe’s Collectors Library


Since 1982, Patek Philippe has provided essential reference works for enthusiasts, collectors and dealers in fine watches. The volumes, covering pocket watches and wristwatches, have played a large part in the renewal of interest in finest quality horology. Today, each of the publications in the Replica Patek Philippe Collector’s Library explores the fascinating world of watches from a different angle. Beautiful photographs illustrate the watch references in the company’s 160 years of production. These publications – from a detailed catalog to a unique book for a unique watch – contribute to a greater appreciation of horology and increase the pleasure of owning a fine watch. They will form the nucleus of every collector’s library.

History of the Patek Philippe Watch Company


Patek Philippe story spans more than 160 years; in that time, the brand has won international renown and has reconfirmed its standing as one of the world’s most important watchmakers.
The first pioneer of Fake Patek Philippe was Antoine Norbert de Patek. On May 1, 1839 he laid the cornerstone for his legendary life’s work, founding his own watch manufacture under the name Patek, Czapek & Co. Here, the first Patek Philippe pocket watch was born; afterward, Patek began producing about 200 high-quality pocket watches per year. On May, 15, 1845 Patek & Co. was founded, with headquarters in Geneva with a new partner, Jean Adrien Philippe, who became the company’s technical director. Prompted by Philippe’s ingenuity, from 1845 onward the firm started producing watchmaking machinery of its own design. The teaming of the gifted businessman, Patek, with the pioneering watchmaker, Philppe, was the beginning of the Patek Philippe watch company as we know it.
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In 1846, Tiffany & Co. wanted its own Patek Philippe pocket watch. After a dinner with Patek in New York, Tiffany appointed Patek Philippe its principal supplier of pocket watches for the next several years. Throughout the history of Patek Philippe, many famous personalities became enthusiasts of these watches. For example, in 1915, Albert Einstein ordered a Patek Philippe watch in gold.
The Stern brothers, Charles and Jean, entered the picture in 1932. They came to Patek Philippe’s rescue during the bleak days of the Great Depression. It was fortunate for Patek Philippe, because the company rapidly regained ground under its new management. The brothers Stern invested in many innovations and took the watch manufactory forward.
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Patek Philippe Replica Watches: Calatrava, Nautilus, Aquanaut


This year was the year of steel for Patek Philippe. Alongside the huge surprise of the sporty Annual Calendar Chronograph 5960/1, we atMonochrome Watches presented you, in an extensive hands-on article, the new Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph ref. 5990/1A, a complicated edition of the Gérald Genta-designed icon. However, even with this recent trend toward steel (which was in answer to several collectors’ requests), we shouldn’t Patek Philippe Replica Watches forget that Patek’s specialty is dress and complicated watches. One from the 2014 collection particularly grabbed our attention, the Patek Philippe 5496P-014 Perpetual Calendar Retrograde, with its new “honey brown” dial and distinctive layout, which could be described as “controlled eccentricity” in an otherwise very traditional world.

The Patek Philippe 5496P isn’t really a “new” watch, as it had already been presented at Baselworld 2011 with a white dial. Also, the movement and its quite unusual layout is not specific to this reference, as the Caliber 324 S QR was already powering the 5159. The latter was somehow one of the most “off-the-beaten-path” watches in Patek’s collection back then (excepting a few very rare and limited editions). It came with an officer’s case (meaning straight lugs with screws on the side and a hinged Cheap Patek Philippe Replica dust cover on the back side), a guilloché dial with large Roman numerals, and unusual hands. In 2011, the first edition of the 5496P was a softer and more sober version of that layout, with its Calatrava case and “pure” dial design. For 2014, Patek Philippe brings back – in its usual, somewhat reserved fashion – a bit of eccentricity, a warm and pleasant color Patek calls “honey brown.”

Patek Philippe 5496P-014 Perpetual Calendar Retrograde - dial CU

The dial layout itself could be regarded as “out-of-the-way” for a Patek Philippe watch, as we are used to seeing Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendars with three subdials – like, for example, the iconic reference 5140. Don’t forget that we are talking about a brand build around tradition and classicism. What fake watches sale would be considered a total lack of originality in another, younger brand has to be seen in the context of one of the most conservative – in the best sense of the word – manufactures. Patek Philippe does not create MB&Fs of Urwerks. It does refined and classical watches, with elegance and soberness. So, in a sense, this layout is less conservative.

Patek Philippe 5496P-014 Perpetual Calendar Retrograde - dial angle 2

In the lower part of the dial sits the moon-phase indicator, represented with a blue disk and silver printings for the moon and stars. The perpetual calendar’s indications are displayed in three apertures: day at 9 o’clock, month at 3 o’clock, and swiss replica watches leap year at 12 o’clock. The date is indicated by a retrograde hand that points to a scale between 7 o”clock and 4 o’clock. Time is classically displayed by dauphine hands in the center of the dial.

Patek Philippe 5496P-014 Perpetual Calendar Retrograde - dial angle 1