Subtle rather extraordinary Patek Philippe Replica 5296

Subtle rather extraordinary Patek Philippe Replica 5296


Patek Philippe replica 5296 wearing a period of time, always feel that something made up to commemorate it. 20 years ago, into the community, he has been engaged to serve people working every day flattery, and wind and sun, once the hands have a point can reward their savings, always the first to think of buying support table now! As a man, you want to own a little better! Initially the table of course, and most tables have no clue as friends, Raymond Weil, Longines and the like are also indiscriminately bought, because at that price really is nothing much that can be pursued, that is the way decent, fairly quasi-travel OK.

With the increase of savings, the range can also choose to expand, so what TAG Heuer, Bucherer like the “million” table is also Hong Kong street table row sales elites to sell to me. Later, by chance met a domestic large table session sprayer sprayer, in his teachings to understand the table inside the movement is divided into two kinds, one called ETA, called not ETA, ETA ETA fact, there are good, even now passed away bell teachers had also said that a moment’s inattention will be tempted to buy a certain brand of two large ETA movement, polished good, beautiful design, as will the color, but people also reliable good repair. In short, the teachings of sprayer brothers, I was led into a labor camp powder because too simple, I choose the budget, the use of their own movement, the basic design classic, travel time is very accurate, and very strong stable of in Fuji is labor it!


Into the beloved white (16570), I officially became a labor powder, then I obsessed over black steel Di, to follow suit over the green glass, also did not withstand the temptation of green water ghost ……. full and indeed made a negligible contribution to the labor powder Rolex excellent market performance. Of course, in this period he had also faithless IWC, Panerai and also had some connection, but the main theme of the whole thing is not changed.
Finally one day I asked the sprayer brothers, we in addition to labor, if want to pursue what are we supposed to? Then spray brother squint, looking far, if you are not really Tyrant Kuanye, enough to buy a house car, holding hundred and eighty million of tossed opinions FIG happy, do not throw so much money in this wrist A small pile of gear on the inside, because this behavior and investment purposes does not hang on the relationship, it is purely an alternative pursuit.


If you want to understand all this still did not give up, it would put forward a Patek Philippe replica. But really it took to buy PP’s budget to be shot, when I was wandering. Vacheron, Audemars Piguet, Blancpain, Breguet, ye would not? Franck Muller, Luo Jiedu He, Jaquet Droz, Parmigiani these strange names may be the stuff is not it get started? I can only say that the temptation too much, but my money is only one. I want to buy support table to reward their own hard work hard, I do not have time to scrutinize those complex functions, even the most common timing functions, for me, is also really no application scenarios, the calendar function for I have become a tasteless You can say I wear the calendar, in rare cases is accurate.


Table to me, in addition to a customary wrist weight, occasionally equipment installed occasion force, habit, raising his hand at the time rather than dig beyond the mobile phone, will have no role in the. Really did not say those top brands, complicated watches are not worth having, but is so worth worship, those fetish, I regarded as a work of art, also for a dial has two colorful, automatically feeding the birds Yakedeluo and jaw-dropping, but I venture to assume that, if in the future I broke out, with those works of art, I might not have time here to cackle.


Said this bunch, we all get tired, finally did not wrap around Patek Philippe replica 5296, but it really is the appearance, and no superior suction eye appearance (also often known as Jaeger sweep or Omega butterfly fly) It means for marketing these stories also say nothing, and who would not pass heritage seriously, what low-key luxury this is contradictory, but it is not trivial in my heart, it is my own reward, but also full I put my hand Huixiu the foot of functional requirements, which is good.

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