To make things simple tasting Patek Philippe replica Annual Calendar Chronograph 5905P replica watches

To make things simple tasting Patek Philippe replica Annual Calendar Chronograph 5905P replica watches


This year the new Patek Philippe replica watches can say a blockbuster, except that section 5370 pairs of second most Duang of 5524 and the tallest on the chronographs watch, there is a new table must be mentioned, it is known as 5250 and 5960 two-in-one The 5905P. Here let us look at whether this table can replace two predecessors.
The new 5905P Patek Philippe replica watches Annual Calendar Chronograph, black and deep blue two options, since 5960 will be discontinued in the near future, so this table later became the only one you can buy suits automatically Chronograph, while it is relatively simple timing disk I personally think that 5960 is more than the easy way out.

This table uses 42 mm platinum case, the case of all the lines of formal symmetry, echoing the case distinct design features. Lugs slightly curved, rounded contours link table ring table side, seamless. Start / stop button, the outer edge of the lines crown and reset button along the side of the balance sheet arc arranged in order. For platinum Patek Philippe replica watches has a special significance, because Patek Philippe replica platinum replica watches each section will be in the position between six lugs set with a flawless Top Wesselton diamonds.

Platinum case of the production process extremely cost effort, such as debris removal, grinding, polishing sandpaper gradually mirror grinding and other steps, all the needs of people done manually, after several rounds of strict examination, so when the case required each costing nearly two weeks before it finished.

Similarly rounded polished lugs, extending over the groove from the side of the case arc of nature. The outer edge of the dial chronograph hand scale, then the inner range wide, can accommodate gold hour markers and calendar, week, month, three display windows. Which is located in the 12 o’clock position of the day in the largest area of ​​the display window, and insert it in the frame of the platinum, six positions for the sixty minutes chronograph seconds calculator, the cumulative time seconds camouflage is in place, if you do not see the two time keys You thought it was the moon phase function 5205 into a small second hand. Compared with a small dot at the bottom of the day and night display.

This table is equipped with the CH 28-520 QA 24H movement, PPatek Philippe replica is completely self-developed vertical clutch automatic chronograph movement. Not only exquisite design, it is also a first class handmade craft. Most stainless steel parts are chamfered, the surface is decorated with straight grain pattern; two seconds after needle clamp then polished. With the sapphire crystal lens cover, shiny gloss around each other, under the golden tone and ruby ​​bearings against the backdrop of a full CLS Chaumet and demonstrates the extraordinary Patek Philippe replica watchmaking. The finishing process is also subject to strict supervision Patek Philippe imprint, when the daily travel time error shall not exceed -3 / + 2 seconds.
Handmade bright black square scales alligator strap, the Patek Philippe replica requirements alligator strap high, with only a small piece of skin Mississippi alligators on the inside of the stomach before they can be employed make strap. Platinum Patek Philippe replica watches signature folding clasp.

This table can be said to mark the launch of the Patek Philippe replica Annual Calendar Chronograph latest development process, Patek Philippe replica use creativity and consummate skill will slightly adjust the details, moisten things silently to the essence of the 5960 and 5205 integration of the two tables to together , at first glance this table is an ordinary calendar table, but as long as you turn over this table, beautifully complex structure of the movement to let you instantly choking this world I am afraid it can only Patek Philippe replica watches understated luxury play is so at ease.