Patek Philippe replica watch Ref.130

Patek Philippe replica watch Ref.130

Switzerland May 2015 local time 8:56 the evening of 10 points, a Patek Philippe replica watch Ref.130, PHILLIPS auction in steel wristwatch created a world auction record: a small size of 35mm chronograph steel table to $ 5,000,000 including commission hammer turnover, namely more than 30 million yuan!

It’s just a steel table, not through the back end, if not completely unable to get a glimpse of openings movement. Years old, has been significantly mottled, also have traces of the years on the dial. It is produced in 1927, the most flashy and extravagant century before 1929-1933 economic crisis. It is only 35mm, and now, only a girl “little hands” wearing the watch size.

However, it comes from Patek Philippe replica watch Ref.130, it is almost unique, although there are similar sisters table in the museum, of course, it itself is a museum-level collections. Although it is only 35mm, but in the 1920s that period, 35mm watch is large (mostly male table size is only 30-33mm). Capable of producing at that time, and now to 35mm size can also be worn on the wrist men will not “too small” rare vintage watch, not much. Therefore, this model Ref.130 of Patek Philippe antique table has been highly sought after record breaking auction records.

Single appreciate the perspective from the original look and function point of view, this watch is also close to perfection: Doctor pulse table, chronograph originally beautiful in design, and crown one of the single-button chronograph function and operate it from a technical and the movement produced a lot of complexity. The operation is very simple and comfortable. Even senior watch Friends, have not seen such a one-button operation plus transfer time counting function, or even do not understand so simple crown, how to make the operation timing and adjust the time together to achieve.

Some exaggeration, but also to the general love to Patek Philippe replica watch Ref.130 people do not understand is: It’s just a piece of steel sheet, not gold red gold, platinum platinum is not just a piece of steel after cutting the 1920s to make a replica watches, and valuable precious metal completely nothing to do. Why is it so expensive?

Collections, rare in the final decision is the most deadly elements. Patek Philippe antique steel table, already Rare.

Of course Ref130 itself rare and a 1944 system, Ref130 platinum article, in 2002 sold 291 million francs of high prices.

Ultimately, this rare replica watches, including commission $ 5 million (more than 30 million yuan) auction hammer. Only this Patek Philippe replica watch on the auction process lasted 20 minutes, the asking price of about 600,000 Swiss francs from the beginning cried out, then several rounds of fare increases to over 2 million, after two million, there are four from different countries Sign in phone call competition.

Over one million, over two million, over three million, four million Swiss francs during fast approaching, the audience applause breaking out, after the applause is waiting with bated breath and whispering the new bid. For the first time people came to the auction, such experiences are rare. This is the time to witness the duel really big collectors and wealth. Buy a few one million yuan a table many people, buying nearly ten million people and tens of millions more Patek Philippe replica watch on the few, but can sell tens of millions of fans as a steel best replica watches while people in this world can only say that very few, rare and the same.

30 million RMB Patek Philippe replica watch Ref.130 of the bid, and finally by a third from the left, the only bow in a telephone conversation secretly entrusted Chinese girl call out. Asian buyers are bits.