Patek Philippe 5960/1A Annual Calendar Chronograph Steel Replica Watch With Black Dial Hands-On

Patek Philippe announced that the Chronograph Annual Calendar 5960 Swiss Replica watch would be newly available in steel, in a move that makes sense for a brand that wants to appeal to a younger customer base in an already self-selective buyer’s market. Not particularly for pricing concerns, but precious metals make it pretty much impossible for a watch to feel “sporty” in any way, let alone such a complicated watch like the 5960. In 2017, they released this, the Patek Philippe 5960/1A Annual Calendar Chronograph watch with a black dial.

The 40.5mm wide and 13.5mm thick polished stainless steel case houses the deep ebony black opaline dial that is fortunately legible as well as attractive. The applied white gold hour markers, red seconds and chronograph hands, and white aspects of the monocounter at 6 o’clock keep the dial from being overwhelming considering how much is going on with the Cheap Patek Philippe 5960/1A Replica.

Things are flipped around from the silver dialed model, with the Swiss Patek Philippe Replica date/day/month apertures, hour markers, and outer ring of the monopusher contrasting against the black dial and looking a lot more harmonious. Personally, I felt the black framing of the date/day/month apertures on the previous model looked too stark. I think the best way I can put it is that they almost felt like black eyes on the face of the dial, though that might sound a little harsher than I intend.

These Patek Philippe Replica Watches apertures look more like a pair of glasses that look like a natural fit and attractively frame one’s face. The power reserve indicator right at 12 o’clock still bothers me and just looks awkward, though the functional purpose of the complication is hard to deny. And of course, the white outer ring of the monocounter indicates the chronograph hours, with the inner rings indicating the chronograph minutes.

5960 End Times – Patek Philippe replica  Ref 5960-1A.

5960 End Times – Patek Philippe replica Ref 5960-1A.

Patek Philippe replica watches has always been known as the blue blood aristocracy, its main product has always rose gold, platinum and other rare metals. On 5960 series is concerned, from the 2012 launch of the rose gold version, 2013 launch of the Platinum Edition, Patek Philippe replica has always maintained a noble luxury replica watchesstyle. However, in the 2014 release, will replace the rose gold and platinum versions of stainless steel Ref.5960-1A enough to witness a stainless steel replica watches this pivotal position in the series.

Since its inception, Patek Philippe replica, the mass production of stainless steel watch numbered. At first it was published in 1976 Nautilus series, followed by Aquanaut 20 years, until now the new Ref. 5960-1A, and both are widely sought after collectors objects. “World’s most expensive stainless steel replica watches” has become synonymous with them, but Ref.5960-1A more likely to set off a wave of new stainless steel watch trends.

From the shape of the table, the Ying white dial and stainless steel case gives a glamorous make sense of fortitude, low-key and unobtrusive. Case smooth rounded lines highlight the Patek Philippe replicahas always been advocating elegance and superior manufacturing processes. Calatrava Cross logo on the crown ever implies its dominance. Its mix of five rows of raindrop-shaped section of the chain “Groutte” since 1997 Ref.5037 / 1 first used in the stainless steel table. “Grountte” design not only in comfort compared to conventional steel strap is greatly improved, more and glamorous case 5960-1A embraced each other, and after the black gold oxidation process gives a more fitting shaft body bright, three-dimensional feel.

The table equipped with its own research and development of the CH 25-520 IRM QA 24H automatic winding movement, with automatic return column wheel timing device, power reserve display, calendar and day and night display. Its vibration frequency of 4 Hertz movement (wobble 28,000 per hour), after winding energy through dial 21K gold winding counterclockwise swing Tuo available. Unlike ordinary column wheel design, fixtures do not control the timing gear system installed forks clutch wheel operation, but as in the butterfly clutch, making it the power to start or stop the fourth gear and timing pointer. The accuracy of travel so chronograph hand can also be used as a continuous seconds, without affecting the replica watches, and effectively curb the beating occurs when the timer function to start and stop.
Unlike Patek Philippe replica chronograph dial other series, Ref. 5960 Series is equipped with a separate single chronograph dial, which dominates the dial at the scale of most of the space. Scale use of concentric rings three times, the cumulative time can be precisely timed to 12 hours. Delicate circadian timing display is located below the dial by white and dark blue color conversion window, the user can adjust the time when the judgment effectively.

Ref.5960-1A seemingly low-key dial is equipped with a solid gold casting material, after black oxide treatment Barton pointer and hour markers. On hands and hour markers are attached to a fluorescent coating. Main seconds for timing and timing plate located on the chronograph hand are processed using a distinctive red, fully embodies a replica watches lively, young features. Similarly, the first day of each month, will appear in the date window red “1” character design, to inform users of the new month began.
Regardless comment how insightful the table is a matter of opinion. There is no doubt that the replica watches which fully embodies the Patek Philippe replica For younger customer base trying to open up the market determination. Now, Ref 5960-1A has been in short supply, even in the heart of Geneva’s Patek Philippe replicae Salons also hard to find a table. In many watch collectors abroad also published Commentary on only replica watches. The new “Steel King” will not be born? We still have time to put this question to answer it!