2015 replica watches the subversion

2015 replica watches the subversion


When the picture of this Patek Philippe replica watch is just beginning to spread in my circle of friends, when most people thought it was money or ordinary military pilot replica watch table without opening it, and the reason I point to open it but also because the sentence ” Let 5146 Tremble “, was also like, a military form and best Patek Philippe replica have anything to do, they can point the curious when I open this picture, can not help out a sentence, it will not be PS it.

Finally, through the dial functional layout inference, it confirmed this is indeed a Patek Philippe replica, its name is 5524, and its inspiration is the source of that year Patek test done two flight table, the case has been completely redesigned, in rough exterior perfect with impeccable detail.

Movement, the table is equipped with 324 well-known movement when PP-based two functional movement, polished indeed unique, this table is introduced to meet the people both look like the military form, and feel military cheap fake watch movement is not perfect requirements, this table is definitely regarded as the year’s most subversive cheap replica watches.

Then the king of the table, the focus of attention will naturally fall to another brand, and that is a Rolex, although long-awaited ceramic steel Di did not occur, but this new fake watch yachts bring you surprise absolutely larger than the former , red gold, rubber strap, matt ceramic bezel, I believe I do not need to explain it.

When the Rainbow Di indeed captured the hearts of countless men and women, and now also launched a colorful Rolex replica Oyster, and more this table launched a new movement called the 3325, how, under enough of this bar.

Last year, he captured the hearts of countless men Cellini new, but this year’s version is also the diamond ladies dreaming it?

Omega “The Dark Side” was introduced, we were surprised to its ceramic case, but when this white ceramic diamond version appeared, we realized that Omega now scales could be so big.

For this year’s Tudor, I would say really love you, you finally have a fully-grown movement, it seems not all rivers and lakes rumors do not fly, not only movement is the new appearance but also have done so handsome .

This new movement Tudor model MT5621, power reserve 70 hours, we take a closer look at its deck plate road feel that some familiar, the plot you have to be careful, now Tudor has Niaoqianghuanpao.

With the supervision of Mr. Beaver, changes Hoya or obvious, this new Carrera hollow in the blood flow into the Unico began to become more maverick.

Ceramic materials has been known for radar in recent years will always continue to give us surprises, this brown ceramic with red gold scale and crown absolutely memorable.


Athens last year added after KERING seems pretty fight, this new watch is definitely black and green as against LVMH Group in those brand personality big kill.

I believe I should not have said, who would not think of this in the end is which brand of beautiful replica watches, the brand is all woman’s favorite – Chanel, this is a fine jewelry Chanel replica launched a new watch collection. This comet themed jewelry works its dial and bracelet set with a total 2,319 brilliant-cut diamonds (41.52 kt), 34 baguette-cut sapphire (about 1.83 kt), 5 brilliant-cut sapphire (about 0.43 kt), 2 baguette-cut diamonds (approximately 0.24 kt) and a brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 1 kt), read these figures, I think I will not explain why it Duang up. If we get enough, please always pay attention to the watch house 2015 Basel Watch Fair special.

Those classic shell-shaped replica watches because fame

Those classic shell-shaped replica watches because fame

Watch this world there are too many very memorable, we always make a memorable. Because some advanced feature is particularly famous for, such as GP Girard Perregaux Three Gold Bridges three-question form; some because famous thin, as thin tourbillon Piaget style; also because the process is refined, such as a fusion enamel, golden eagle , wood inlay, feather mosaics and other advanced craftsmanship …… but equally there are some brands of replica watches simply because of the shell-shaped replica watches design has been fame, those classic shell shaped like a unique brand LOGO, as people one would understand. People also tend to choose a classic from the shell-shaped replica watches enters a world brand, the following eleven I recognize these content-rich brand cards.
Pictet Pei Li Nautilus world’s most expensive portholes
Nautilus series is waterproof replica watches in 1976 by Mr. Roger Genta as Patek Philippe replica, design, inspired by the steamship porthole profile, Mr. Gerald Genta will be very common porthole outline application to watch design, and cited the Haideliangmoli Nautilus submarine Nautilus name, Patek Philippe replica Nautilus (Nautilus) series was born.
The initial model is stainless steel models of Nautilus Ref.3700 / 1. This kind of porthole-inspired bezel non-circular non-party, but the curved corners class octagonal; protruding shoulder on both sides of the hinge (hinge) is figuratively as “ears.” Case is not modern common back from the table, bezel and ring consisting of three-piece case, but from a single piece of stainless steel to build the integrated structure, leaving only a receiving winding arbor shank hole. Inlaid crystal bezel by four screws firmly fixed on the case.
The seventies was a time when the prevalence of Jumbo watch, Patek Philippe replica with an “either with a wetsuit, but also with a tuxedo,” the advertisement, so this watch in Geneva fame, also watch enthusiast nicknamed ” Jumbo “. Today’s Nautilus watch, whether it is steel models, precious metals funds, complex functions or diamond jewelry section paragraph is at the prototype of the case continue to extend porthole design. It can be said, wearing a Nautilus (Nautilus), it is put on the world’s most expensive portholes.

Only Patek Philippe replica 5712 so that the table is simply drunk fraternity replica watches, many people start to wait for six months. Stainless steel case and strap, case size 31 mm, dial by the central dark blue gradient is black, with horizontal embossed, 10 hour markers in 18K white gold rod with a fluorescent coating, 18K gold rod hour, minute, band fluorescent coating, white painted platinum second hand, date hand and moon phases pointers. Internal device Cal.240 PS IRM C LU movement, power reserve 48 hours, with date display, moon phase function, power reserve display.
Breguet Queen of Naples most prestigious oval
Ladies love the table does not have a Breguet Queen of Naples series of oval and fascinated. This series is the first Breguet replica watch NO.2639 Carlo Napoleon’s sister Lena (later Queen of Naples) customization, but also because there has been whether this watch is the world’s first watch of controversy, so Breguet replica Naples Queen series is one of the highest heat replica watches series this world. In fact, NO.2639 watch did not leave physical, sketches, for reference, but according to records is to follow the “Oval” and later, Breguet in this context was to design the iconic oval-shaped case . The “oval” and it has become a classic shell shape Breguet has a distinct brand identity. There are inseparable and oval brand Breguet unique blue steel hands and 6:00 position eccentric small dial, these elements also form part of the classic Queen of Naples.

The Queen of Naples REINE DE NAPLES 8908 series Breguet replica watch, Queen of Naples in the series is relatively simple style, not with luxurious pearl diamond decoration, either daily or Evening dress are appropriate. Cal.537DRL1 automatic movement, 18K white gold case, diamond bezel, water resistant to 30 meters. Moon phase display, power reserve display.
One of the sides of the rectangle Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso
Another legendary case of the Jaeger-LeCoultre replica watch industry is Jaeger-LeCoultre replica Reverso flip series, with all parties, round, non-party non-circular shape of the replica watches case is different, Reverso rectangular case with a reversible transformation slidably charm. Things from the 1930s popular polo talking about, when a British officer during a polo match due to fierce collision damage their watch, they would then Swiss watchmaker Caesar • Dirt Lane asked: “Can I design a test stand watch polo?” Then, in 1931, Jaeger-LeCoultre replica introduced a base can slide and flip watch, and obtained a patent. Intense exercise, as long as the case overturned, the metal side up, to avoid a strong impact and damage on one side of the table mirror. After this because the birth of the watch polo extend the brand famous Reverso series, whether it is sporty, decorative arts section or subsection complex functions are integrated in the sides of the rectangle can be flipped in the case of infinite charm.

Paragraph Reverso Q3738420 replica watches is a typical representative of the classic series, Jaeger-LeCoultre replica popular table fans sought after. Cal.976 manual winding movement, power reserve of 48 hours. Stainless steel case, diameter 48.5×30 mm, water resistant to 30 puzzle, crocodile leather strap.
Chanel PREMIÈRE N ° 5 smell of Fontaine Square
PREMIÈRE Chanel introduced in 1987’s first Chanel  replica watch, PREMIÈRE series became the first Chanel replica watches series. PREMIÈRE watch the same shell-shaped octagon, but this has nothing to do with the ship octagonal porthole, it was inspired by the legendary Chanel  replica N ° 5 perfume bottle, this N ° 5 perfume bottle’s inspiration is from Paris Yoshito square shape, Leeds hotel on the top floor of Fontaine Square next to luxury suites, is a long-term residence Chanel  replica, so Fontaine Square has been an important element of inspiration for Chanel  replica. PREMIÈRE The shell-shaped design with the N ° 5 bottle, like, simple and elegant, highly recognizable in a small incense fan of. This has become the classic shell-shaped Chanel “logo” one.

Since the 1987 launch of the first one PREMIÈRE watch, the brand continues to build on this heritage classic shell-shaped upper and innovation, combined with the brand’s famous pearl chain belt, combined with high-tech precision ceramic Chanel, which this PREMIÈRE FLYING TOURBILLON replica watches is senior complex functions shall PREMIÈRE series tourbillon designed the brand’s signature camellias, called the world’s most beautiful tourbillon.
Bulgari replica Serpenti snake table mystical charm
In the culture of the Western world in the shape of a snake with a mysterious sexy means, and the first Bulgari replica snake design was applied to the jewelry, especially the art of the late 19th century wave of jewelry. The Bulgari replica total carve precedent fashion design, in the 1940s to design the first serpentine table, and named Serpenti, the whole shape of the replica watches is the snake wrapped wrist, case for the smugglers, the table with the snake. Since then, the serpentine-inspired Bulgari replica watch series became a classic shell-shaped, well-known actress Elizabeth Taylor • is the love of this series. Serpenti series in the evolution of the process, whether it is square or rectangular table head first, and later realism smugglers or now more modern and simple snake, have become a kind of transcendence over the jewelry and watch classic design.

This replica watches is SERPENTI SERPENTI TUBOGAS series of classic rose gold, wear comfortable, simple design. Suitable for business wear, grand occasions seem low-key luxury.
Summary: A classic watch shell-shaped, like a brand of card, contains too many brand culture spirit and beauty. It is precisely because brands have spared no effort to want to replica watches on the shell-shaped first do but carry the brand connotation, but an overnight success. But really this is not simple to achieve.